Search Kristina Pink’s wiki and be surprised at the reveal the internet makes, or wonder the revelation otherwise.

Kristina Pink is known for reporting FOX Sports’ NFL coverage for Thursday Night Football alongside fellow reporter Erin Andrews. She is dedicated to her job, and the network family must feel happy to have found her in employee role.

Here are some interesting wiki about Kristina Pink ranging from her age, married status, salary to her family.

1. Kristina Pink Won’t Tell Her Age

The sportscaster celebrates her birthday every year on 12th March. She wholeheartedly accepts the birthday wishes but is not comfortable with opening up about her actual age. She looks young irrespective of her unveiled age and holds an American nationality.

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Belonging to an African-American family, the host has a moderate height and flaunts a well-maintained body charmed by her shoulder-length black hair.

2. Kristina Pink Has Family & Friends By Her Side

Her friends and family seem to respect her privacy as they have remained shut regarding her age. But they don't shut up when it comes to supporting her.

Her mother, who proudly accompanied her during LA Emmy Awards back in 2015, ranks first in her supporters' list. What more would evidence their good relationship?

Mother Love: Kristina Pink posed with her mother while appearing at LA Emmy function. (Photo: Kristina Pink's Instagram)

Another kiths known about her supportive family is that she has a brother with whom she shares a good bonding. 

3. Kristina Pink Loves Her Job: Any Left For Husband?

Those who keep up to date with Kristina's social media know her workaholic character. She is in love with her job and is proud of it. The only dates she goes to are the ones at the reporting site. But what are the odds that she would double the ratio for her husband, whoever he be?

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Not sure about her thoughts on her own marriage but she enjoys attending friends' weddings. She doesn't even hesitate to post wishes for their happy married life.

Getting Married?: Kristina Pink attended her friend's wedding as one of the bride mates on 28 May 2016 (Photo: Kristina Pink's Instagram) 

The sports reporter is distant from controversies of any sort. She has uplifted her professional part, but her private life remains locked under the box, whose keys belongs to herself only. So let's wait a little longer until she decides to reveal the hidden details on her personal life. 

4. Kristina Pink’s Splendid Salary In FOX: Career Reflection

Pink, who graduated from University of Florida with a BS Telecommunication degree in 2007, joined Fox Sports channel in 2012 as FOX NFL reporter. Her dedicated work established her as a trusted and well-informed reporter on the channel. And she enjoys an average salary of $60,000 as a reporter.

Before landing in FOX, she worked as a journalist for WTVJ-TV, the NBC affiliate in Miami, as well as WGNO-TV, the ABC affiliate in New Orleans

As for the saying ‘Passion puts perfection in your work,’ it is entirely relevant in Pink’s case. She is perfect at what she does, and more importantly, loves what she does.

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However, the only details put on the display about her feats is her jubilant career success. The deficiency of more information about her on the internet is surprising provided her 24/7 TV presence.