Boston Celtics power forward Jayson Tatum is on his best performing streak. On April 10, 2021, the 23-year-old NBA star scored a career-high 53 points during the 145-136 overtime win against Minnesota Timberwolves.

Tatum’s stellar performance continued with the Celtics facing the Golden State Warriors. He scored 44 points while Warriors superstar Stephen Curry scored 47 points. The Celtics ended up winning the game 119-114, but Tatum and Curry both had nothing but praises for each other. They even shared a moment at the end of the game.

But the highlight of the night didn’t end with the two NBA stars giving their best. Tatum was joined by his son, Deuce, during his post-game interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols. He also spoke about his son during the post-game conference, calling Deuce all the motivation in the world.

Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr., nicknamed Deuce was born to Tatum and his high school girlfriend Toriah Lachell on December 6, 2017. Deuce was first brought into the public eye in January 2018 after the Celtics power forward posted pictures of him and his son on Instagram.

Since then, Deuce has been seen on the court multiple times, often coming to watch his father play with his grandmother. He’s known fairly well among Celtics fans, and even the camera often shows him in the stands during the games.

The clip of Deuce playing with Tatum’s former teammate Kyrie Irving had gone viral too.

Tatum’s Initiative To Help Single Mothers

Tatum had his son Deuce at a young age. One of the people he credits for his success and being able to take on fatherhood is his mother, Brandy Cole-Barnes. She had him when she was just 19 and raised him as a single mother, all while continuing her studies and getting a law degree.

One thing that Tatum’s mother has preached over the years is the social responsibility that comes with athletic stardom. Tatum, too, takes those responsibilities seriously. Back in 2017, he donated a new floor to the St. Louis’ Wohl Recreation Center.

Tatum also started a back-to-school initiative in St. Louis, filling roughly 400 bags with school supplies and giving them to school kids. Even on the occasion of Deuce’s first birthday, Tatum and his mother asked people to make donations to a St. Louis Orphanage.

The Celtics player was also planning on starting an initiative where he would purchase and rehab houses in St. Louis so that single mothers and their children could live in them rent-free.