David Portnoy

Dave Portnoy is dating Shannon St. Clair, a former cheerleader, who completed her academic degree from the Temple University last year.

The 43-year-old Barstool Sports founder spent last month in Miami, enjoying winter and making multiple appearances at a nightclub along with St. Clair, who is 19 years his junior.

Earlier this year, a source told Page Six that Portnoy was seen with a group of women in Miami, however, he appeared to be particularly more attentive towards a gorgeous blonde.

While details about St. Clair were scarce at the time, she has divulged a slew of information on her social media account, as Daily Mail reported. Despite keeping details about his love life under wraps, the internet is teeming with information about who Portnoy is currently dating.

Is David Portnoy Dating Anybody?

In May 2019, the internet celebrity made an appearance at the Preakness horse race along with a blonde woman, that Reddit fans claimed was Claire Jacobs. Regrettably, nothing long-lasting seems to have come out of it, considering that they were never seen together since.

He was dating Jordyn Hamilton in 2017, but they called it quits after the fitness instructor cheated on him with a Soul Cycle instructor. Since his public breakup, Portnoy seemed to be avoiding being in a serious relationship.

Fans speculated that he is single after an alleged sex tape of him with an unnamed woman began doing the rounds online in December 2019. Taking to his Twitter account, he shared a hilarious tweet

The tweet was later followed with an official press release, making fun of the whole situation. He neither confirmed nor denied it was him in the alleged clip floating around the internet, as Distractify reported.

Recently surfaced reports suggest Portnoy may be in a relationship with an ex-cheerleader. While the sports mogul has left no stone unturned in a bid to keep their relationship away from the public eye, Page Six has divulged a myriad of details about his alleged new fling.

Who is Shannon St. Clair?

The stunning 24-year-old, who has been accompanying Portnoy recently, is from Philadelphia, according to her Instagram bio. She has posted a myriad of pictures from her hometown on Instagram.

Back in October 2017, she posted a picture of herself sporting a cheerleading uniform. Her LinkedIn profile suggests she has worked as a cheerleader at a Philadelphia-based dining and entertainment district called Xfinity Live.

St. Clair's Instagram bio also suggests that she works in marketing. According to LinkedIn, she is currently working as a controller with Ronan Construction Group. 

Just like Portnoy, who is known for his pizza reviews, St. Clair loves pizzas as well. In August 2019, she posted a picture of herself eating a slice of pizza to her Instagram account. “Catch me always eating at the pool bar," she captioned the photo.

Although she is fond of eating carbs, St. Clair seems bent on staying in shape. Her Instagram account is teeming with snaps of her jaw-dropping bikini body.

As far as her educational background is concerned, her LinkedIn profile also confirms that she has received a bachelor’s degree in business administration. She attended Bucks County Community College where she received her associate’s degree in business administration and management.

Dave Portnoy Comes To His Girlfriend's Defence

Portnoy released a statement on the Barstool Sports website in January 2017, addressing his personal life and relationship status. He began with admitting his split from the First Lady, before noting that people have been trashing the girl he is dating and calling her a homewrecker.

It was all started when a Snapchat of them together was posted. Portnoy defended her on Barstool Reddit and admitted that he shouldn't have done the Facebook live event that led to all the hate she was receiving. 

He went on to address the hate he has been receiving for dating a young girl and having her on Facebook live. Refusing to apologize, he said all he wanted to do is to clear the air ahead of the biggest week in Barstool's history.