Wranglerstar knows a thing or two about the inevitable effects of divorce on kids.

He is aware that the separation between parents can leave their child's life in a deficit, especially of basic things that they should learn from them. 

The YouTube star also believes that no kid should take their parent's divorce as an excuse for being incapable. 

And perhaps because of his awareness, he didn't hesitate to highlight the power of divorce after his fan brought up the topic. 

Wranglerstar on The Power Of Divorce

Wranglerstar garnered huge attention, if not controversy, when he posted a video titled 'The Power of Divorce' on his eponymous channel on July 2, 2016. 

In the clip, he opened up about the difficulties children face as their parents separate. He also clarified he made the video after his Canadian subscriber named Jesse messaged him about his life after his parent's separation. He even displayed Jesse's personal video message.

In the message, Jesse clarified he was a YouTuber with a channel named Raindance Bushcraft. His parent had divorced when he was a kid. 

As a result, he said he could not learn things like Wranglerstar. He had no father to teach his basic life lessons and believed he was at a disadvantage — he needed to learn things from scratch. 

But Jesse also pointed out that through the power of divorce, he learned to do things independently. For example, when he blew up a tire on a highway, he learned to change it alone. 

He also mentioned that there were a lot of expectations for kids with estranged parents. They would have to learn a lot without anyone's advice or supervision. 

Mentioning that he had a family and a daughter, he said he would help his kid learn better but leave her to be independent.

All in all, Wranglerstar agreed with Jesse and even praised him for setting an example for all kids with no parents. 

He highlighted how kids with divorced parents could choose to straighten their life and learn things without wandering off to perils. The influencer added that desire to learn and alter situations could make stark differences in people's lives. 

"Some of us have a more difficult time than most, but everyone can either go down the route, repeat the failures, or change them," he remarked. 

Who Is Wranglerstar?

Wranglerstar is YouTuber and a professional homeowner. His real name is Cody. He achieved popularity via his YouTube channel of the same name. He also has over 57k Instagram followers and 75k Facebook followers.

He became famous after choosing to abandon the industrialized lifestyle to live in a primitive homestead in the Pacific Northwest's rough mountains.

Wranglerstar, who believes in power of divorce, with his wife and kids in June 2021.

Wranglerstar with his wife, Mrs. Wranglerstar, and kids in June 2021. (Photo: Instagram)

He lives with his wife, Mrs. Wranglerstar, and their kids — son Jack and daughter Sweetloaf.

Ten years ago, Cody started shooting modern homesteading footage, and now they shoot several videos almost every day.

He created his YouTube channel was in 2010 and has earned 1.63 million subscribers so far. His YouTube channel documents his day-to-day life plus trips with his family.