The Power of Divorce speaks about issues children face when their parents go through a divorce.

American social media star Wranglerstar has achieved popularity via a YouTube channel of the same name, over 52K Instagram followers and 75K Facebook followers. He became a talking point after he posted the video The Power of Divorce on July 2, 2016, about difficulties children face as their parents separate.

What Is "The Power Of Divorce?"

The YouTube video, The Power Of Divorce, originated from a video comment that Cody (Wranglerstar's real name) got from a subscriber named Jesse from Canada. He says that he could not learn things like Cody as his parents' relationship went into controversy when he was young. He further says that when a kid sees parents being divorced, it's like beginning with a deficit in life.

Parental divorce makes children learn things on their own, like when Jesse blew up a tire on a highway. Because his father never taught him how to react to these things, he had to learn to change them independently. There's no one to advise kids living lives with divorce on a career shift. There is a lot of expectation for these kids to learn stuff.

After the divorce, Cody says that the most important thing is the desire to learn and alter situations and the willingness not to repeat the mistakes made by our parents. Some of us have a more difficult time than most, but everyone can either go down the route, repeat the failures, or change them. That is the most that a man might wish for.

Jesse Felt He Started Behind Everyone

Jesse runs a YouTube channel called 'Raindance Bushcraft.' His family broke up when Jesse was a child, and there was a divorce. Jesse discovered that he could not understand many of the lessons he was meant to learn from his father when his father moved on. Now that he is a family guy, he thinks he's at a loss, and he started at a disadvantage--behind everyone.

As Jesse runs a household in The Power Of Divorce, he says that he would never pressure his 4-year-old daughter to learn anything. He said he's trying to help her realize all the things in the world, but he needs to learn them from scratch first.

Wranglerstar Is A Real-Life Star

Wranglerstar is a YouTube star whose real name is Cody. He became famous after choosing to abandon the industrialized lifestyle to live in a primitive homestead in the Pacific Northwest's rough mountains. He lives with his wife Mrs. Wranglerstar, a son Jack, and daughter Sweetloaf.

You get to see his day-to-day life plus trips with his family on his channel. Ten years ago, Cody started shooting modern homesteading footage, and now they shoot several videos almost every day. The 'Wranglerstar' YouTube channel was released in 2010 and has received 1.63 million subscribers so far.

Other than that, WRANGLERSTAR and his family are living happily.