Twitch streamer Aceu, born Brandon Winn, is one of the most famous faces in the online gaming world. While his fans appreciate his gaming skills, they are quite curious about his personal life, too, with many of them wanting to know whom he is dating at present.

Is Daph39 Aceu’s “Missus”?

Aceu has streamed online games and made several YouTube videos with a co-streamer 39daph. 39daph is a Canadian Twitch star who is popular for her digital illustrations of anime-inspired art streams.

Whenever they streamed together, the chemistry between them was effortlessly cute, which eventually sparked a rumor that the two were in a relationship or at least seeing each other. 

While some of their fans believed the two were just close friends, others were sure that the Twitch streamers were actually in a romantic relationship. In one discussion in a Reddit community named r/39daph, one user even wrote that the streamers would make a good couple and that their relationship would benefit each other professionally.

Aceu and 39daph (Source: YouTube)

Further fuel was added to the fire when Aceu referred to Daph as his “Missus” in one of his streams. 39daph was in the other room when Aceu said, “The missus is sleeping.” As surprised as the fans were, his co-gamers, too, were pretty shocked to hear him call Daph his “Missus.” 

However, neither of them have addressed the speculations, so nothing can be confirmed just yet. 

Aceu Called Allison His Best Girlfriend Ever

The talented gamer keeps mum about his relationships, but sometimes, he has mentioned his girlfriend, Allison, on his social media. 

In July 2018, Aceu gave his fans a glimpse of his relationship status when he posted a tweet that read, “Let’s talk about how beautiful my girlfriend is.” The tweet was in response to a couple of selfies uploaded by Allison on Twitter.


Moreover, Allison called him the “best boyfriend ever” when he gifted her a pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses that she wanted. In a tweet posted in September 2019, her exact words were, “I’ve wanted these glasses since I saw them, thank you to the best boyfriend ever.”

As a reply, Aceu wrote, “Only the best for the best girlfriend ever.”


However, the couple barely posted anything romantic on their social media after that, so it is unclear whether the love birds are still together. The last photo where the duo appeared together was a year ago, in January 2020, where Allison referred to him as her best friend.

Allison uploaded a beautiful black-and-white photo and captioned it, “I’ll always have your back, and you’ll always be my best friend.” The caption was cryptic, and it hinted that they might have separated on good terms and remained best friends. But our guess is as good as yours, since neither of them has confirmed their breakup.