Fashion and makeover expert Trinny Woodall has been in an enduring relationship with her long-time partner Charles Saatchi. Although the pair has been living together in their London home, they are yet to tie the knot. 

That being said, Woodall was once a married woman. Her marriage ended in divorce, years before her ex husband tragically died by suicide. 

Here's everything you need to know about her marriage, late ex husband, and current relationship!

Trinny Woodall's Marriage with Ex Husband

Sarah-Jane Duncanson 'Trinny' Woodall was at the age of 35 when she married telecommunications expert Johnny Elichaoff in 1999. 

While it was the first marriage for the makeup artist, it was second for her husband. Elichaoff even had a son named Zak Elichaoff from his previous marriage.

The married couple tried having their kid. And Woodall underwent nine rounds of IVF and suffered two miscarriages before welcoming their only child, daughter Lyla Elichaoff, in October 2003.

Trinny Woodall's late ex husband Johnny Elichaoff and their daughter Lyla.

Trinny Woodall's late ex husband Johnny Elichaoff and their daughter Lyla. (Photo: Instagram)

The fashionista also attempted IVF seven times after her daughter's birth but couldn't fall pregnant again. 

Besides the child-bearing issues, her marriage to her husband was infested by his addiction to painkillers. 

As a result, their marriage slowly crumbled. The duo got separated after a consequential disagreement in 2009. 

"When I divorced him it was a big decision because he wasn't well, but there had been years of Johnny not being well," Woodall later told Dailymail regarding the divorce. 

Despite the divorce, the former spouses remained close and co-parented their daughter. 

Sadly, five years after the separation, Johnny took his own life as he fell to his death from the roof of Whiteley's shopping center after going bankrupt in 2014. 

Trinny Woodall's Relationship with Charles Saatchi

Woodall and her partner have been dating for almost a decade now.

The two started dating in 2013. And the news of their relationship made headlines after they were spotted enjoying dinner at a restaurant in London, just six weeks after Saatchi's divorce with his then spouse, Nigella Lawson, on 31 July 2013.

The couple was frequently seen together in the streets or attending events that made it more clear that they were dating.

Trinny Woodal enjoying a date with partner Charles Saatchi.

Trinny Woodall enjoying a date with partner Charles Saatchi. (Photo: Twitter)

And in April 2018, Woodall sparked engagement rumors as she embraced a massive ring on her engagement finger and didn't hesitate to hide it while she enjoyed a meal with her boyfriend.

But nothing substantial resulted from the speculations. Nevertheless, they have been together and going stronger than ever. 

In an interview on The Telegraph's Imposter podcast (via Red Online) in 2021, the fashion expert gushed about her budding relationship. She stated she was very content with her partner and had 'grown-up a lot in how I am in a relationship.'

In her own words, her partner would help her calm down and reflect on herself during her outrages. She also mentioned that her partner was supportive of her business and jobs. 

During the same interview, Woodall confronted the false claims that she was dating a much older millionaire businessman to profit financially from his hefty net worth. 

The duo shares an age difference of 20 years — Woodall is 58 while her partner is 78 as of this time of writing. 

She refused such claims, stating she was the "most self-sufficient person." "I know how hard I work. I know I pay for every single thing in my life," she added.