For the 50th episode of Correct opinions, comedian Trey Kennedy disclosed the story of how he met his gorgeous wife, Katie. The comedian talks about their first date and how it all went. 

In the episode, the comedian shared an incident with an old lady who gave him peculiar advice about marrying early, which he did not take seriously.

On How They Met

After tying the knot on March 29, 2020, Trey featured his wife in his channel for the first time in August 2020 to celebrate the 50th episode of his YouTube show, Correct Opinions.

In the episode, Katie revealed the couple met through Instagram although, the first time they met in person was in Atlanta.

When they first met, the couple believed they had mutual friends. However, before they started dating, they figured it was not true, which changed nothing.

The comedian disclosed the two were in their mid-20s, precisely 26,27 when they first met. The comedian confessed his parents were worried for him because he was single with no marriage prospects in the near future. 

Trey also shared an incident from when he was 24 years old, which did get him thinking. 

According to the comedian, at the age of 24, an old lady from his church had warned him that if he didn’t get married soon enough, his only option would be to marry a divorced woman. However, the comedian did not let those words affect him as he was not yet ready to settle then.

Thank god, he didn’t take the old lady seriously, and his patience rewarded him with a beautiful life with his wife, Katie. 


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Trey Was Rumored To Be Gay

Before Trey made his engagement announcement on his Instagram handle in September 2019, the comedian was rumored to be gay. He was often paired with fellow comedian John Christ based on the spectacular on-screen chemistry displayed in their comedy sketches.

The rumors gained more ground after the two released a video from Christ’s YouTube Channel that featured the two trying to portray every Nashville bachelorette. Because of their performance, many of their fans joked the two could pass off as gay.

Fans Comment on Trey and Josh's YouTube Video

Fans Comment on Trey and Josh’s YouTube Video (Source: YouTube)