Anthony Joseph Paul Reali, better known as Tony Reali, is a legally married man residing happily in his New York residence with his wife, Samiya Edwards.

As a public figure, a few details are known about the ESPN host and his life outside the public eye, but it seems that his wife prefers to live a private life. Perhaps, that’s the reason why there are little to no details about her.

Still, every now and then, some things about her do tend to surface, with Reali being a renowned television personality and all. 

Tony Reali & Edwards Married Over a Decade Ago

ESPN’s Around the Horn host is in a blissful marital relationship.

As per his bio on ESPN, he and his wife Edwards have been married for over 12 years since sharing their wedding vows on July 3, 2008. Following their marriage, the couple settled down in the host's Washington D.C. residence.

In 2014, Reali and his wife moved to New York to continue to host his show.

On August 18, 2014, they welcomed a baby girl named Francesca Zahra Reali into their family. On the same day, the sports guru posted a picture through his Instagram handle and introduced his baby girl to the world. He also thanked everyone for their good wishes and kind words.

Tony Reali & Wife Went Through a Terrible Loss in 2018  

In June 2018, the Reali couple was perhaps the happiest married couple, expecting twin sons. Unfortunately, their anticipation turned to ash in their mouths as one of their sons, Amadeo, died during childbirth.

On June 17, 2018, the Fordham University graduate, through Twitter, posted a heartfelt announcement revealing the happiness and sadness he and his wife felt at the time.

In the tweet, he mentioned that he and his partner were expecting twin babies but sadly lost their son, Amadeo. Later, the family held a memorial mass for him and grieved the loss.

He also stated that their other son, Enzo, was delivered a few weeks early in an emergency and was fortunate enough to come home that same week.

The Realis Were Dealt an Impossible Situation

The ESPN host went on to dwell on the impossible dichotomy he was dealt with: the burden of anguish and the breath of joy. Understandably, he felt that the duality was impossible to grasp.

Still, he acknowledged that it was a duality that he and his wife must navigate through. In the process, they were focusing their energy on two things.

Firstly, they wanted to voice their feelings. Secondly, they had to open up to their loved ones such that they could help them process their emotions when their shoulders couldn't bear them anymore.

As time passed, the sportscaster and his wife gradually managed to put that terrible loss in the past.

In recent times the Realis have apparently shifted their focus to cherishing the family that they had. Their togetherness can also be seen through the host’s Instagram handle, where he constantly showcases pictures with his two adorable children.