21-year-old Fortnite streamer, Mason Lanier, popularly known by the moniker Symfuhny, has made a name for himself in the gaming and streaming world. The gamer’s girlfriend, Ashley Bond, known in the Twitch-sphere as BrookeAB, shares in his love for gaming.

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The couple started their Twitch journey around the same time in 2018. However, it is not clear whether they met for the first time through the platform. 

Both of them have an impressive number of followers on their social media accounts. As of this writing, Symfuhny has 2.8 million followers on his Twitch account alone. His girlfriend, Bond, has around a million followers.

The streamer duo has been in a relationship since July 26th, 2019. Bond’s 2020 anniversary post on Instagram corroborates this. 

Symfuhny’s lady love posted a picture of them on their anniversary with a thoughtful and appreciative caption. Bond thanked the streamer for being a part of her life and wished him a happy anniversary with the hope to have many more to come. 


A post shared by Brooke (@brookeabb)

 Judging by Symfuhny and Bond's frequent collaboration on each other's streams, it certainly looks like the couple share a strong bond. Their playfulness with each other was particularly evident in one of the streamer's Instagram videos. In the video, he carries his girlfriend and takes her to another room for her nap time when she comes to disturb him during one of his streams.

Other videos of the couple can be found on the gamer's Instagram and Twitch handles. 


A post shared by Mason Lanier (@symfuhny)

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Symfuhny’s Streaming Career 

Although the streamer has found popularity because of his Fortnite streamings, he admitted in an interview that his decision to make the switch to Call Of Duty was an influencing factor for him to reach the 2 million follower mark. However, his 2020 shift to COD was also the move that almost cost him his career. 

Around seven months ago, the streamer was accused of using aimbot and wallhacks in his Call Of Duty: Warzone streams. While usually, the gamer never lets the indirect hate affect him, this time around, he immediately came out with an official response to the accusations in the form of a YouTube video on his channel. The gamer showed his games’ replays from his perspective and asserted that the cheating allegations against him were false.

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