Croatian Cellist Stjepan Hauser is often seen with his gorgeous girlfriend, Benedetta Caretta. After his split from fiancée Jelena Rozga, Hauser surprised his fans by wasting no time being in a relationship with the Italian singer.

Hauser's Engagement to Former Girlfriend Rozga

Although Hauser's Instagram is now flooded with pictures of his stunning girlfriend Caretta, he was once madly in love with Croatian singer Jelena Rozga. After getting together in the summer of 2015, Hauser proposed the Croatian singer in 2016. The relationship between them thrived even when they were busy with their respective schedules and constant traveling. 

After the engagement, Rozga moved in with her fiancée in an apartment that Hauser bought in the Zagreb center.

Stjepan Hauser Adoringly Looking at his Fiancee Jelena Rozga. (Source: Dubrovnik Times)

The musician couple seemed so much in love that their relationship was even considered a marketing ploy. To this, Hauser said:

[Translated]: You tell me, why can't people get into their heads for so long that we are together. Beautiful woman, a guy who loves a beautiful woman, is that unbelievable?

Although Rozga didn't reveal exactly when she would be his wife, they seemed quite committed to each other. The 38-year-old singer even went on to say that she believed in first love. However, things didn't work out between these two sweethearts, and they eventually called it off in 2017. The reason behind their departure has not been disclosed. 

Hauser and New Girlfriend Singing Together

After going separate ways from fiancée Rozga, Hauser is now with an Italian beauty named Benedetta Caretta. His new girlfriend is also a singer, and the cello player has done plenty of duets with her.

Both Hauser and Caretti are seen sharing their duet videos. The couple looks adorable and smitten beside one another in these videos. 

In August 2020, Caretta had posted a duet video of her and the cello player in a beautiful duet cover of the song 'Something Stupid.' In the video, the Italian expresses her angelic voice while sitting in her boyfriend's lap as he passionately tries to match her spirit. 

The August 2020 video is just one among a handful of duets that the new musician couple has posted. The videos can be seen on the Croatian's Instagram handle and even a few in his Youtube channel, Hauser. The couple's latest joint collab was on December 11, 2020, for a Christmas number. The Croatian was in his formal attire and rocking his Cello while the Italian performed raunchy moves on her Cellist boyfriend. 

Hauser certainly seemed to move on quickly after his breakup from Rozga; a look at the new couple's time together gives us a hint as to why that may be so. But hey, we're not complaining!