Sharrie Williams Crawford was dejected when she lost the love of her life in 2019. Instead of being miserable about her loss, the gospel singer-songwriter decided to embrace life as her late husband would want her to. After all, death may have parted them, but the love and devotion she feels for him live on. 

She Remembered Her Late Husband on Their Wedding Anniversary 

Sharrie was happily married to Norman ‘Pops’ Crawford for over 20 years. Norman was not only the love of her life but also her most trusted confidant and ally throughout the years they were together. 

However, tragedy struck when he passed away at 87 in 2019 because of a heart condition. Even then, she made it a point to remember him fondly and celebrate their togetherness on social media. 

Instead of being crushed about the loss of her beloved husband, she decided to commemorate the love of her lifetime. She has posted about Norman regularly on social media. 

In 2020, after almost a year of losing him, she took to Facebook and wished him a happy wedding anniversary. Evidently, even though he isn’t around in person, he still lives on in her heart. 

Sharrie Williams With Her Late Husband

Sharrie Williams with her late husband Norman 'Pops' Crawford (Source: Facebook)

He Will Never be Truly Gone From Her Life

Sharrie is still going strong in her music career even after suffering a major personal loss. She recently came out with ‘Walls,’ the first single from her new album, and has admitted that while working on the project, she lost many dear friends and family, which is why the project took longer than usual to come out. 

However, she worked through the pain of the losses. Even though it was hard to create music in pain, the emotional state helped her create music authentically. 

She also admitted that she did a cover of the ‘The Beatles’ song ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ dedicated to her husband. 

Sharrie stated in an interview that when Norman was still with her, he would often motivate her to take better care of herself. At that time, she had gained a few pounds, so they worked on it together. Now she has lost over a hundred pounds by continuing with her exercise regimen and feels great about it.  

During the quarantine, she kept herself busy by working on herself and her autobiography. She plans to call her autobiography’ Legacy of Love’, which will undoubtedly throw more light on her life and relationship with Norman.