Scott Disick conveyed his feelings of wanting to get back with his former flame, Kourtney Kardashian, once again. On April 22’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, he tried to explore the prospects of the two getting back together.

Disick had also declared during a family dinner that he would marry Kourtney “right here, right now.”

While everyone else was stoked about the proposal, Kourtney didn’t seem very excited at the development. She even spoke to the camera, saying she felt ambushed by her family, pushing for the two to get back together.

Disick Doesn’t Like Seeing Kourtney With Another Man

Following the proposal, Disick and Kourtney sat down to talk one-on-one. During the talk, he let her know he didn’t like seeing her with another guy.

The conversation came about after the Flip It Like Disick star felt his former flame was flirting with the vacation home’s lifeguard.

Kourtney, who shares three children with Disick, assured him she didn’t have any interest in the lifeguard and was not flirting with him.

He then took a different approach to the conversation, admitting that it might have been his insecurity coming to play and that it hurt him to see her with someone else.

Disick revealed he wasn’t happy with the way their relationship was currently. He also added that if she confirmed they were never getting back together, he could move on, but her leaving the possibility made him expectant.

I’m OK with you, I guess, doing whatever you want if you can just make the final decision that you and I are never going to be a family again. Then I could move on and I could deal with you being with other people.

Kourtney shared with the camera that she and Disick had had this conversation before. She also revealed that he knew what it would take to win her back, further adding that her answer wouldn’t change unless his actions did.

Disick And Kourtney’s Relationship

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star and Disick first met at a party thrown by Joe Francis in Mexico in 2006. And ever since KUWTK debuted on E!, in October 2007, the two have been a major part of the show.

While that meant their relationship got a lot of screen time, a good chunk of it was also dedicated to exploring their tumultuous relationship.

Their first break-up came in March 2008 during KUWTK’s second season when Kourtney accused Disick of cheating.

The two got back together in 2009 and announced shortly afterwards that they were expecting a child. Kourtney and Disick welcomed their first child, Mason, in December 2009. 

They had their daughter, Penelope, in July 2012 and son Reign Aston Disick in December 2014.

Kourtney and Disick had been going on and off during the entire time and in July 2015, finally called it quits. They are still co-parenting their three children.

Kourtney is currently in a relationship with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.