Samantha Busch, the wife of NASCAR racer Kyle Busch, shared her pregnancy struggles on her Instagram. 

In the video posted on May 1, 2021, Samantha disclosed that her embryo transfer experience gave her hope for a few weeks, only to end in a massive heartbreak. 

Greeted by a Heartbreaking Possibility

The video began with an entry from April 21 when the couple went for an ultrasound appointment. The doctors found a gestational sac growing in her uterus. However, it was smaller than they'd expected and did not have anything in it. 

According to Web MD, the gestational sac is where the fetus develops after an egg is fertilized in the uterus. 

After her physicians found the empty gestational sac, they assumed that Samantha might have a blighted ovum.

Meaning, despite the fertilized egg being implanted in the uterus, it would not develop into an embryo.

In such a state, Samantha would still show signs of being pregnant like elevated HCG levels, but the empty sac would most likely result in a miscarriage during the first trimester. 

Samantha, who shares an infant son, Brexton, with Kyle, admitted in the video that the news was tough to process. Still, her doctors asked her to not lose hope and come back the following week. 

Apparently, her doctors were accommodating the possibility of delayed implantation. 

A Glimmer of Hope

Following the disheartening visit to the hospital, the mother of one started bleeding and experiencing severe day-long cramps. Her go-to thought was that she was miscarrying. 

In an attempt to take their mind off of, what appeared to be, a heartbreak waiting to happen, they went out to Richmond. There Samantha couldn't help but lock herself in a bus so she would not have to see anyone. 

As per the doctors' instructions, the couple went for an ultrasound the following week and were surprised by the results.

Samantha explained that her doctors discovered two little sacs, one of which came out of nowhere. Further adding, 

We saw the ultrasound and both literally like jaws to the floor, couldn't close our mouths, just like unbelievable.

The doctors then explained that they could catch a "flutter" of a heartbeat during the exam. The doctors sent the couple back with expectations of twins and called them in for another exam in a week's time. 

Falling from Cloud 9

Admittedly, the couple had their hopes up, and they spent the next eight days anticipating a positive result.

Samantha recalled that they had been thinking about what a nursery would look like with twins. The two were even thinking about what they would name their kids. 

"It was so positive seeing that snap-second flicker of a sack starting to form," she said in the video.

Sadly, their eight days of wishful thinking did not find real-world expression because the tests done on that day revealed that there was still nothing there. 

After getting their hopes up for the longest eight days of their lives, the couple was forced to face the grim diagnosis that they were presented in the first place. Samantha concluded

That means I will either naturally miscarry over the next few days or medically.

Samantha shared that she believed infertility was cruel and unfair before she logged off. 

Samantha and Kyle have been struggling with infertility for over eight years and have gone through everything from a miscarriage to failed IVF attempts. 

Since their wedding was in 2017, it is evident that they were having these problems before they exchanged wedding rings. 

Even so, the infertility struggles took a toll on their marriage, and in March 2021, Samantha even admitted to People that the couple even considered getting divorced after her miscarriage.