Celebrity chef Roy Choi became famous after appearing in the Netflix series, The Chef Show, alongside Jon Favreau. While he has made a mark professionally in the hospitality world, he seems to be very private about his personal life — especially regarding his family affairs. 

Choi Hid His Wife’s and Daughter’s Faces

The chef uploaded a picture of his family (perhaps for the first time) on his Instagram account, putting to rest any rumors. That being said, the picture only established that he had a wife and a daughter without revealing what they looked like. 

In the Instagram post uploaded in April 2020, he was flaunting his bearded look with his wife, daughter, and a cute puppy. The Chef Show star then overlapped his wife’s and daughter’s faces with a bunny and a koala emoji, respectively. He captioned the photo, “Trying to grow a beard. Figure I got a month. Hello from my family to yours. Much love and strength.”

His fans also respected the cooking expert’s need for privacy and didn’t delve further. One of the comments on the April post read, “Hello there family!… looking good,” and another user commented, “Who’s the lady, glad you have a puppy and a family to spend quarantine with.”


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Details on Choi’s wife have been veiled in secrecy throughout the chef’s career. Some reports claim that his wife’s name is Caroline Shin, but since Choi himself hasn’t officially spoken about it, that cannot be confirmed.

Choi Shares a Close Bond with His Daughter

While Choi’s lady-love might be off the media’s prying eyes, his daughter Kaelyn, on the other hand, has often been seen in public. The celebrity chef doesn’t hesitate to bring his daughter along with him to some of his public events.

The father-daughter duo was seen together at the premiere of the movie The Lion King in July 2019.

His daughter was also visible in his August 2018 throwback Instagram picture. In the post, Choi shared a photo of his restaurant’s opening where he is busy making a meal, and little Kaelyn is sitting on the counter. He wrote in the caption, “#tbt opening night of the original @eatchego on Overland Ave. in Palms, circa Spring 2010.”

The proud dad also shared Kaelyn’s first professional endeavor in May 2020 as a Magazine writer/creator. He captured the proud moment and captioned it, “My kid’s starting a mag. Dad feels rad.” His fans also took to the comment section to praise the kid. While one comment read, “Creative like her father,” another user commented, “That’s the entrepreneur spirit like her father.”


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