In 2011, New Zealander Rose Mclver relocated to LA — a decision that brought about significant turning points in her life, both personally and professionally.

Back home, the struggling actress made ends meet by delivering Fair Trade bananas on the back of a scooter with a few acting gigs on the side. But coming to the bright lights of Hollywood brought about plenty of opportunities, including starring in hits like iZombie and A Christmas Prince.

Personally, the changes were even more pronounced as the New Zealander had to cope with a breakup from a long-time partner while meeting and starting afresh with her current boyfriend, George Byrne. 

Read on to find what changes came about in the actress' relationships, from a supposed split-up to a peaceful life in the east side of LA with her current partner.  

Rose McIver with her doting boyfriend George Byrne

Rose McIver with her doting boyfriend, George Byrne (Source: Instagram)

Rose McIver Was In A Relationship When She Met Boyfriend George Byrne

Before Bryne, the Auckland-born artiste dated architect Benjamin Hoeksema for 12 years.

According to some sources, Rose and her former partner Hoeksema first met in 2005. Albeit, their relationship's exact date isn't disclosed. While there aren't many pictures of the former partners together, the architect was spotted accompanying the starlet during The Lovely Bones premiere. 

Meanwhile, additional sources claim that the two migrated to LA together and started a live-in relationship in the year 2011. However, things certainly didn't work out between them. If the iZombie star's Instagram is any indication, she is no longer in a relationship with Hoeksema. Apparently, she's dating visual storyteller George Bryne. 

While the renowned actress kept the relationship with her former partner under wraps, The Lovely Bones actress hasn't shied away from a public display of affection towards Bryne. 

As per an article by Now To Love, the New Zealander met her current Australian boyfriend, Bryne, after moving to LA in 2011, which suggests that Rose was still in a relationship with Hoeksema at the time. 

It is unclear as to why and when the Christman Prince actress ended her 12-year-long relation with Hoeksema. Nonetheless, it can be assumed that after breaking up with her former lover, Rose reconnected with Bryne and started dating in 2017. 


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Rose McIver Shares Good Times With Boyfriend In LA

Rose and Bryne today share a beautiful house on the East Side of LA, slightly away from the city's hustle and bustle. The two have been enjoying each other's company, as is apparent in multiple Instagram posts.

Even during the limiting COVID-19 lockdowns, the beautiful couple made the most out of their time.

In one post from July 2020, the iZombie alum wished Bryne a happy birthday while also commending his creativity and patience. Although they couldn't go out for a fancy dinner to commemorate the occasion, the creative partner did make an outdoor fireplace out of cardboard boxes. 

Happy birthday @george_byrne. 2020 has only made it even more apparent how wonderful (read: patient) you are. I especially love how you designed our outdoor fireplace out of la croix boxes. Innovation is key

The starlet is also very supportive of the boyfriend's creative professional work, accompanying him while also sharing his exhibitions via Instagram. 


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Rose Mclver's Visits to Native Home & Boyfriend's Family

Although glad of the decision to move away from the native country of New Zealand for career prospects, the Lovely Bones actress admitted missing home in an interview with Now To Love.

I'm on the other side of the world and all my school friends are watching each other have babies, get married, and get on with life. But at the same time, you're like, dare I complain about an opportunity that I could only have dreamed of?

Nonetheless, The Christmas Prince star loves visiting friends and family back home whenever the opportunity provides, especially during festivities.

While talking to the Cosmopolitan, Rose shared her 2019 Christmas plans, which involved flying back to New Zealand and spending time with her family solving jigsaw puzzles. In the same interview, the famous celeb also admitted to spending time with Bryne's family, which apparently included a lot of swimming.


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If that is any indication, then it should tell just how serious both of them are regarding their relationship.