The School of Greatness podcast host Lewis Howes has brought various brilliant personalities on his show, sharing self-development tips and inspiring millions. But apart from the great minds he interviews on his podcast, the New York Times Bestselling author also finds inspiration from his girlfriend, Yanet Garcia.

Lewis's inspirational partner is also one of the most talked-about weather anchors  generally known as the world's hottest weather girl. 

Lewis Howes Is In A Relationship With A Hot Mexican Actress and YouTuber

Lewis Howes is in a relationship with Yanet Garcia. Dubbed as 'The World’s Hottest Weather Girl,' Yanet worked for Mexican television’s morning program, Hoy. Yanet has also been featured in the Spanish comedy movie, Bellezonismo as the character Miss.

Apart from her acting and hosting career, Yanet has a youtube channel called iamYanetGarcia. She posts interesting content of her workout, vlogs, and try-on-haul videos.

Yanet was a model herself and now trains young models in Yanet Garcia Models, her modeling school back in Mexico.

Lewis Howes Met Yanet Garcia through Instagram

Lewis, who was previously in a long-term relationship with his partner for 7 years, wanted to be on his own, as he opened up about his split in a podcast with Whitney Miller. but is happy to share in his Instagram account that the universe brought them together.

This podcast was recorded while I felt like I was drowning in the depths of the transition of my 7 year relationship. I didn’t open up much about it during this episode but re-listening to this show was such medicine for me

Talking about the podcast, Lewis said that breaking-up after a long time could be heartbreaking, for sure, but it can open up new adventures and new fulfilling experiences. For Lewis, that adventure came up in the form of Yanet. Although he shares that he hadn't thought about dating after his split, he met Yanet. 

As he expresses his feeling via Instagram, Lewis writes: 

I was not looking to 'find someone' in fact I wanted to be on my own for a while, but the universe had other plans for us 

In the same post, Lewis said that he was smitten after walking into Yanet's place and seeing a stack of emotional intelligence books marked and highlighted. 

Lewis Howes is in love and isn't afraid to show it to the world through his Instagram feed. Lewis shared in a post that he met Yanet through Instagram. As Lewis likes to put it, Yanet 'slid' into his DMs. 

On their first Anniversary on 18th January 2020, Lewis shared an emotional post on his Instagram account showing how grateful he was to have her in his life.

Lewis’s Girlfriend Quit Her Job To Move To The US With Him

The Mexican beauty seems to be smitten by the American stud as she decided to quit her role in Hoy in December 2019 to move to the US with her boyfriend.

Although Yanet is yet to be Lewis's wife, leaving her job reflects her commitment towards her partner. 

She seems to be really invested in their relationships as Lewis makes her happy. Garcia shared in a video on Instagram that Lewis is the most incredible man that she has ever met, as Lewis is seen giving her a surprise.

Lewis and Yanet Complement Each Other

Lewis is very supportive of his girlfriend’s career. He was seen with Yanet at the premiere of her movie, Bellezonismo in Spain in July 2019.

Lewis and Yanet have a cute pomeranian dog named Mamacita, who is a celebrity on Instagram with more than 17 thousand followers on an Instagram account, iamthemamcita. The couple celebrated Mamacita’s first birthday in April 2020.

Lewis and Yanet, the strong and charismatic power couple have been doing exceptionally well in their field of work, with Yanet training young models at Yanet Garcia Models and Lewis's up and running podcast. Along with their work they have also been maintaining their close-knit relationship.