Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, P Allen Smith is a master gardener and a celebrity lifestyle expert.

With a farm full of turkeys and chickens, two lovely pets, and all the local produce that he can grow, Smith seems to enjoy his life in his massive estate in Arkansas.

But for someone who shares a lot regarding his gardening, it is a surprise that Allen has been quite secretive about his personal life, particularly his dating and possible married life.

He has disclosed no information about his marriage or relationship. As a result, some followers assume he might be married secretly to a wife, while others speculate whether he is gay.

Let's find out if the rumors are true!

Is P Allen Smith Married?

Smith, also dubbed the Martha Stewart of the South, is one of the fancier people living in Arkansas, South of America.

With pictures of flowers and household decorations mastery adorned in his Instagram account, any woman would be assumably lucky to have him as a spouse.

And there was once even a rumor that he was married. The speculation spurred after his interview with the New York Times back in 2010.

In the elaborate article, they had mentioned a man named Yingling Dewitt, who shared his thoughts on the esteemed gardener, which somehow got misunderstood.

"'Allen comes across as someone we could relate to,' said Yingling Dewitt, who, along with his wife, Debbie, watches Mr. Smith's national public television series…" the article read. 

The 'wife' mentioned in the article is Yingling Dewitt's spouse, but the rumor about Debbie being Allen's wife started spreading like wildfire.

However, the rumor was false, and Allen's not married to anyone named Debbie. 

Allen has never been vocal or shared any social media posts about having a wife.

Even on Valentine's Day, Allen did not share a single post about his wife or partner. Instead, he showed us how passionate he is about gardening by sharing a relevant post about melons!

Although we are kept in the dark about Smith's wife and marital status, it is known that Allen considers his pets as his family.

He has two Scottish Terrier dogs named Angel and Lucky.

Is P Allen Smith Gay?

After the speculation of him having a wife diminished, Allen once again became the center of the rumors about being gay.

Speculations on his romantic orientation started looming around, as Allen had not disclosed his relationship status.

To add to it, he has neither denied nor admitted to being gay. This might also be because he keeps himself aloof from the rumors.

P Allen Smith's Moss Mountain Farm House 

While some fans want answers to Smith's partner details, most are curious to have a sneak peek of his house.

He is currently living in a big farm estate called Moss Mountain Farm, which spans 650 acres.

P Allen Smith's farm house in Moss Fountain.

P Allen Smith's lavish farm house in Moss Fountain. (Photo: Instagram)

The house is built perfectly, with every back window giving views of the Arkansas River. In addition, the Greek-revival style building is eco-friendly, with plants in every corner of the house.

Allen lives on a big farm with animals and green, healthy produce. 

The fact that he is an Award-winning designer can be seen through his contemporary house with classic furnishing. 

Keeping his personal life aside, Allen seems to be doing exceptionally well in his career as he is engaged in his shows, mass speaking events, and even publishing books.

At present, his gardening and lifestyle tips can be found on his official YouTube account.