9-1-1: Lone Star actress Natacha Karam is happily dating fellow actor John Clarence Stewart.

Stewart is an actor who rose to fame with Marvel’s Luke Cage. He is also a writer and singer-songwriter.

Karam is apparently head over heels in love with her boyfriend, as she is leaving no stone unturned to express her love for him through her social media posts. 

Natacha Karam Expressing Love For Boyfriend

Karam and her partner are pretty vocal about their relationship, at least in their social media accounts.

Both of them unhesitantly post pictures with each other and flaunt their budding romance through the love-filled caption. 

For instance, on 2021 Valentine's Day, both of them took to Instagram to wish each other on Instagram and flaunt their dating relationship.

Natacha Karam with her boyfriend John Clarence Stewart in December 2021.

Natacha Karam with her boyfriend John Clarence Stewart in December 2021. (Photo: Instagram)

Karam posted a carousel of selfies she took with her partner. In the caption, she then penned a heartfelt message for her partner. 

"Every day I think I couldn’t possibly love you more. Every day I am wrong," she began her succinct yet sweet caption. Then she remarked that her life with her boyfriend was magic.

Following suit, her partner also posted an Instagram carousel featuring himself, Karam, and her dog Cleopatra. Then he dedicated a message for her in the caption.

"Happy Valentines Day @natacha.karam My Love (And Cleo)" he began his write-up. Then, he noted how there was no right way to wrap up how grateful and honored he was to be her partner. 

He also thanked her for choosing him to be his partner and do life with him. "You are a wonder," he complimented her as he ended the message. 

Interestingly, Karam and her boyfriend's expressions of love aren’t reserved for just Valentine’s Day. They post pictures of one another on other occasions too.

In November 2020, the budding actress posted a few pictures of them together on her Instagram.

In the caption, she expressed she did not see her relationship with Stewart coming, and she was abundantly grateful to be in love with him. 

Moreover, they also spent the December 2020 holidays together and wasted no time sharing pictures on their respective Instagram handles. 

The couple also shares a dog named Cleo. The pup often makes appearances on both Karam and Stewart’s social media accounts.

The latter had posted pictures with the upper and thanked his girlfriend for making him fall in love with her and Cleo. 

Natacha Karam and John Clarence Stewart's Relationship

It is unclear how long Karam and her boyfriend have been dating. But they first started sharing pictures on social media in early 2020 when they were vacationing together.

It is estimated that they may have been together for at least two years now. Other than that, they have been keeping it pretty low-key. Moreover, reports suggest that they may be living together. 

Besides that, the couple is also supportive of each other’s careers. They like to cheer on when the other person succeeds at something or does new projects.

For instance, Karam gave Stewart a shoutout on Twitter when he covered Lizzo’s ‘Juice’ on his show, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist in January 2021.