Mona Kosar Abdi, the ABC correspondent, recently uploaded a post on her Instagram handle and generated quite the interest from her fans regarding her plans to get married.

However, the post is to be taken with a pinch of salt. Abdi has always been secretive and has never disclosed or given hints about her relationship on social media before.

Is Mona Married?

She is fairly popular with about 53k followers on Instagram, where she has mostly shared about her work. The 29-year-old prefers to keep the limelight away from her personal life. Hence, her social media has fewer posts depicting her friends and family.

Mona Kosar Abdi
Mona Kosar Abdi Covering President Trump (Source: Instagram)

But, to everyone's surprise, Mona sparked rumors about her marriage when she took to Instagram to display an image of feet covered with Henna, with the caption, "And this little piggy got marriage-ready." 

Regardless of the post, it is unclear whether the feet covered with Henna belong to Mona or her friends and relatives.


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Surrounded By Family

For Mona, her first love is her mom. On the occasion of Mother's Day, Mona uploaded a photo of her mother, Firdowsa, on Instagram with the caption: "My mother was my first country. The first place I ever lived." Talking about her father, she uploaded a picture on her social media wishing her father on Father's Day with the caption "Stuntin' like my daddy."

Mona's Parents
Mona's Parents (Source: Instagram)

Abdi is indeed thankful to her father, who worked two jobs to raise the family. She grew up alongside her sisters Nimo Jama and Layla Jama. Layla is married and is expecting a baby soon. Mona took to Instagram to reveal the news of her becoming an aunt with a photo of Layla and herself. 

The recently uploaded picture is most likely from during the baby shower. Albeit, the ultrasound report and the blue & pink balloons in the background could also mean a gender reveal party. Whatever the event, the news correspondent did not hold back her excitement of becoming an aunt. 

Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart...Congrats Layla + Bejan..and Me! Lol I’m going to be an Auntie!!

Mona Announcing Layla's Pregnancy (Source: Instagram)

Abdi once disclosed her wish to get married and get a husband via a tweet back in 2013. In San Diego, California, she said Grand Del Mar reminded her of a wedding with her non-existent husband. All facts considered, the ABC correspondent is yet to find a husband. 

The Big Career

Abdi has been an ABC News reporter based in Washington DC since January 2019. With Kenneth Moton, Abdi hosts the overnight/early morning World News Now and America This Morning. She was formally hired in September 2020 to replace Janai Norman, who started serving as a reporter for Good Morning America. She previously worked in media networks like WEWS News Channel, WSET ABC 12, Aljazeera Media Network, and KGTV Channel 10. In 2011, she started the Gazzetta media outlet and served as its Editor-in-Chief. 

She has even spent some time in London and Doha and speaks English, Somali, and Spanish fluently. Mona finished her Bachelor of Arts degree in international studies, political science, and communications from the University of California, San Diego.