Mike Finnegan, the American YouTuber, says he is lucky that his wife Jessa chose him despite being successful herself.

Mike Finnegan is a well-known American writer, producer, and host of shows like Roadkill and Finnegan's Garage on YouTube. He has also garnered esteem as a columnist for Roadkill Magazine.

Although he does not reveal much about his wife or children on social media, he often uploads posts featuring his wife. He considers himself fortunate that his wife chose him.

An Ideal Couple

Mike Finnegan basks in the love of his wife Jessa, who he married on September 17, 2005, in an intimate ceremony. Not much else is known about his marriage or family besides the fact that they got married on the Colorado River banks. The secrecy is a deliberate effort to protect his family's privacy because of his huge fan following.


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He does, however, dote on his wife Jessa and considers himself lucky to be with her, saying she is sought after by many. Jessa Finnegan has been an account manager at Shaw Contract since April 2015.

Special Acts of Love

Despite being secretive about his family life, Mike has featured Jessa on his YouTube channel a few times. He recently uploaded a video that showed him gift a car to his wife on their wedding anniversary.

The story goes that Mike had not been home for much of his recent 2020 wedding anniversary because of work obligations and drag racing activities. But that did not stop him from celebrating it in a special way. Mike cut his trip short and went home when his car broke down at Rocky Mountain Raceweek 2.0 on the first day of the competition to celebrate his 15th wedding anniversary with Jessa. 

Earlier, Mike brought Jessa to tears when he surprised her by renewing his wedding vows during their 11th wedding anniversary, in a magnificent ceremony on St. Simons Island. On another trip, he romantically filmed his seven-month pregnant wife enjoying herself on a boat.


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Graced By Parenthood

The couple is parents to two boys. Their first son, Michael Finnegan, was born in July 2011, and the second Rowan Garrett Finnegan was born on September 19, 2014. Mike's elder son loves surfing, so the Roadkill host often indulges him by accompanying him to the waves. 

The Finnegan family lives in their own house in Georgia.

Mike Finnegan Family
Mike With His Wife And Sons (Source: Instagram)

Mike balances the time for his family with his work. With the world championships under his belt, Mike is a self-taught motor maker, hot rod builder, snowboarder, wake surfer, and drag boat racer. He is popularly known for Roadkill, SEMA Week 2014, and SEMA Week 2015.