Richard Ayoade, a famed actor and comedian, is happily married to his wife, Lydia Fox, who is an equally talented actress and producer.

The couple has reportedly been together since their university days and has collaborated professionally time and again.

But that said, Ayoade, best known for his role as socially awkward IT technician Maurice Moss in the sitcom The IT Crowd, has managed to keep most of his relationship details with his partner away from the spotlight.

Because of that, their fans are deprived of knowing their day-to-day happenings and family life.

Richard Ayoade and Lydia Fox’s Marriage

Even though the couple has been tight-lipped about their relationship, it is known that the two tied the knot in 2007.

The married couple reportedly met during a theatre performance at a university where Fox was in the audience and Ayoade on stage.

According to The Sun, Ayoade attended St Catharine’s College, while his present partner studied at Newnham College at the University of Cambridge.

In a rare instance, the actor gushed about Fox during his appearance on an episode of The Sacred podcast. He said his spouse was the reader for everything he wrote.

Richard Ayoade and Wife Reportedly Has Three Kids

One of the things that the couple is very private about is their kids. Due to that, it is unclear how many little ones they have in the family.

“Ayoade is a notoriously difficult interviewee, self-deprecating almost to the point of sabotage, and largely unwilling to talk about himself or his personal life,” the Telegraph wrote about his privacy.

But according to the outlet, Ayoade and Fox are parents to three kids. Among them, two are known to be daughters — Esme Bibi Ayoade and Ida Ayoade.

An old picture of Richard Ayoade with his wife Lydia Fox and their two kids.

An old picture of Richard Ayoade with his wife Lydia Fox and their two kids. (Photo: Instagram)

Ayoade’s eldest daughter, Esme, made a special guest appearance in an episode of her father’s show The Crystal Maze in 2019.

In another instance, he spoke with The Resident in March 2014 and explained why he saw his home as his happy place.

“I guess my house, the place that my wife and I live in. That’s where we generally reside,” he shared.

He went on to add, “East Dulwich is great for its green spaces and its nice cafes and bars, but when you work away a lot, the appeal of sitting down and doing very little is, I guess, very great!”

Meet Richard Ayoade’s Wife, Lydia Fox

While Ayoade has established himself as an actor, comedian, filmmaker, and broadcaster, his wife Fox is not too far behind regarding professional success.

She apparently comes from an extensive family of actors and is the only daughter of James Fox and Mary Piper.

In her family, she has four brothers that include famed actors Laurence and Jack Fox. Her two famous cousins are Emilia and Freddie Fox.

Fox is personally famous for playing Miss Dutton in the coming-of-age comedy, Submarine, which was directed by her husband.