Scarlett Moffatt is having the best time of her life dating her boyfriend Scott Dobby, who showed her what true love is like. She took to Instagram on April 29, 2021, to share her insights on what genuine love should feel like.

The Gogglebox presenter posted a sweet picture with Dobby, puckering her red lips. Her boyfriend leaned on to her and rested his head on her shoulder while flashing a million-dollar smile. 

In the caption, Moffatt recalled her past relationships and detailed how she blamed herself for all the relations that went south.

Most of the time, she thought she was paranoid for worrying that her partner would cheat on her. She stressed herself out, doubting that her boyfriend would stalk other females if she stayed in her loungewear. 

More often than not, she would find herself having petty arguments with them, and she blamed herself every time. 

That changed when Moffatt started dating Scott Dobby. The Bishop Auckland native realized she thought negatively because she was treated likewise. They could never make her feel secure.

Pouring her heart out, Moffatt urged her female followers to believe in their instinct if anything felt off in their love life. She reminded them that there were plenty of good men in the world, and they could leave a toxic relationship. 

Then she spoke highly of her boyfriend, Dobby. The 30-year-old said she comprehended what unconditional, carefree, and drama-free love felt like only after meeting Dobby.  

She thanked her partner for being her soul mate and teaching her to trust again. 

Praises and support flooded the comment section of the post.

One follower wrote the story gave her hope to find a Mr. Right. Another related with her experience and penned, "So true...everyone deserves to be with someone who loves them unconditional and not have to worry."

Moffatt and Dobby have been dating since 2019. Before Dobby, she was dating Lee Wilkinson in mid-2019 and Luke Crodden in 2017.

Scarlett Moffatt Broke Up with Scott Dobby in March 2021

Like all relationships, Moffatt's dream-like rapport with Dobby has faced a fair share of trials. On March 8, 2021, the pair split briefly — for 24 hours. 

The television host had announced the break-up through her now-deleted Instagram post. But within 24 hours, she posted a video with her beau, clarifying that they had reconciled shortly. 

Apart from temporary rifts and arguments, Moffatt and her boyfriend are living their best life. They bought their dream home in December 2020 and named it Bonnie Barn after their adopted Chihuahua, Bonnie. 

Who Is Scarlett Moffatt's Boyfriend?

Scott Dobby is a police officer. The pair knew one another for years but serendipitously crossed paths because of his profession.

Moffatt had called 911 after noticing a stranger taking photos of her home, and Dobby came for assistance. His fit physique wooed the celebrity presenter, who befriended him at the spot. 


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After a quick friendship, the couple connected through Facebook Messenger and took the needed time before hitting it off in late 2019.

Besides being a police officer, Dobby is also a Twitch streamer. When he is not playing, he helps his girlfriend record her BBC Radio 1 podcast, Scarlett Moffatt Wants To Believe.