Martin Garrix and his longtime girlfriend, Charelle Schriek, decided to go their separate ways even though they were very much in love. They cited their hectic schedules as the key reason for their split. Presently, both of them are enjoying their single life with their family and friends.

The DJ Broke up with His Longtime Girlfriend

Garrix broke up with his girlfriend, Charelle Schriek, in November 2019 after three years of being together. According to Garrix's November 2019 Instagram story, they decided to go their separate ways because of their hectic schedules. The progressive mixer admitted that although he and Schriek were very much in love with each other, spending time apart, for the time being, was in their best interest. 

Martin Garrix on Instagram sharing news of split with girlfriend

Martin Garrix on Instagram sharing news of his split with model Charelle Schriek (Photo:

The same day, Schriek also posted a similar statement on her account, proving that the decision to separate was mutual. 

The Couple Might Get Back Together At A Later Time

Garrix may have broken up with the model, but they haven’t taken down photos of them together from their social media accounts. In fact, the DJ even hinted in his separation announcement that the two might get back together at a later point in time.

Love means also wanting the best for the person you love, and right now that is spending some time apart...

His statement certainly implied that the two might get back together after some time apart. But for now, they seem to be enjoying their single life with their family and friends.

Enjoying Time Apart

The electro maestro is putting his alone-time to some good use by spending some quality time with his family. Lately, Garrix's Instagram posts are filled with snippets of his traveling accounts with his parents or catching up with his buddies.

The same goes with Charelle, as she often posts about her daily life with her close ones.

Before their split, the couple was private about their relationship except on a few special occasions. They spent most of their time on the road together for Garrix’s tours, including frequent trips to Ibiza, since the DJ has residencies at Hi Ibiza and Ushuaia.

Schriek was not the only person the Dutch-native was linked with. According to Ranker, he had dated another Dutch model and artist Lynn Spoor in 2015. He was even rumored to be dating American singer Bebe Rexha while promoting their collaboration single ‘In the Name of Love’ in 2016.