The infamous TV personality, Leigh Sales has shockingly impressive professional life and simultaneously challenging personal life issues. Yet, she has been surviving bravely through whatever comes along her way.  

The Australian native is one of the highest profile women in the country. She is best known for on the ground reporting of hurricane Katrina (2005). As of 2018, she is a host at ABC’s, The 7.30, news and current affair programmes.  

Career Height: Leigh Sales interviewed Hillary Clinton on the ABC 7.30 program in Australia (Published on 15 May 2018)

The proficient journalist is also an author of books such as Detainee 002 (2007), On Doubt (2009) and Any Ordinary Day (2018).

Leigh Sales’ Bio (Age): Education, Birthday

Leigh was born in the year 1973, 10th of May in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She merrily celebrated her 45th birthday in 2018.

The Walkley Award winner (2005), must have always wanted to be a journalist for she has mastered in International Relations from Deakin University and owned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Queensland University of Technology.

She landed in reporting profession in early 2000 with the coverage of 2000 Summer Olympics and has ranked up to the position of a renowned TV presenter  

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The former Nine Network journalist has shown her passion for journalism throughout her career.  

Want To Know How Much Leigh Sales Earns? Salary?

The experienced journalist has had a promising career. She has been reported to make out $280,400 as annual pay in ABC.

Sales has made a decent amount by her publishings as well.

The former married woman bought a  house worth $2 million after her separation with former husband, Phil.

Nevertheless the tragedies, Leigh doesn’t seem to terminate her excellent profession anytime soon. Amidst the rumors, online trolling and bullying, she stands a star in TV presenting, a woman worth being honored not intimidated by a thing.

Leigh Sales Married Husband, Phill Wilis At Age 23 & Mother Of Two By 40.

The ABC’s anchor was 23 years old young woman when she married her husband, Phil Willis who at the time was a high school math teacher.

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The couple, who vowed in 1996, didn’t have children until 2011. The very year they welcomed their first son, Daniel Oscar Willis. The arrival of their second son didn’t take long. By the time Leigh turned 40, she had given birth to second son James Christopher Willis.

The duo could have spent their whole lives watching as their two boys grow up. But there was something else destined for them.

Leigh Sales’ Disturbing Hardships: Husband Separated & Divorced

The 7.30 host since 2010, who has sat down in many hard-hitting interviews with reputed politicians, is a tough television lady. But she couldn’t avoid dreads from making their way into her life.

It started no later after she conceived her second son, a perspective event of joy for a mother-to-be. But for Sales, the maternity got followed by treacherous child delivery and serious health hazards. Sales underwent premature labor resulting rupture in her uterine. She said in an interview with The News Daily.

I had a very complicated birth and some serious health problems.

Had bad omen ceased there for her, the sufferings would have eased already. But it continued even after Leigh resumed her job at ABC, when she faced media critiques doubting about her fittings for the job, attempting to put her down against her maternity replacement Sarah Ferguson.

I’d come in behind Kerry O’Brien and had a whole period where I had to prove myself. I felt like I had to prove myself all over again. It was tiring. I had a two-year-old and six-month-old.”

The nightmares were not over for bewildered employee yet.

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Sales already had enough on her plate while she was struggling to climb back into her position in the TV and divorce with Phil, her husband of 20 years, added further contamination in her troubles. The former married couple separated in December 2016. She has chosen to keep the cause of separation, to herself.

The single mother of two went through a lot and all at once and turned out the grievance are drifting along her fate even in 2018. Her father’s sudden demise in July 2018 startled her as she lost another beloved man in her life.

We’ve got to wait until another enduring adds in her life.

Leigh Sales’ Divorce With Husband Triggered Trolls

The 45 years old has always had people trying to pull her down. But after her divorce haters dared to hide behind the screen and release their hostility towards her., she shared online bullies attacking her professionalism based on her failed marriage via Twitter. 

Agony In The Air: Leigh Sales shared trolls on her after divorcing the husband of 20 years (Photo: Leigh Sales' Twitter)

Having stood up in the fame for years, Sales has had to undergo praises as well as critiques. She is fortunate to have supporters by her side, and about the haters, she knows better than to give heed.

Leigh might have learned to live with it. She might as well be a pro at letting things go.