American reality star June Shannon’s personal life is no less than a rollercoaster ride. She managed to have kids each from former boyfriends over the years but the search for the one to title a husband is still on. And perhaps she will find the man as an aftermath of her weight loss.

The Georgia native rose to prominence through her daughter, as the stay-home mother of Alana Thompson, the child artist of the TLC’sHere Comes Honey Boo Boo’. She starred as the stay-home mother and gained popularity as ‘Mama June.’

Here is some captivating wiki about June Shannon including her weight loss, kids, net worth and possible husband now:

1. June Shannon Bio(Age): Height Of Mother At 15

39 years old June was born to parents Melvin Shannon and Sandra Shannon on 10 August 1979 in Mcintyre, Georgia.

Her parents parted ways when she was a 2-year-old infant. Having lost the parent’s halo at an extremely tender age, her upbringing might not have been the best.

It must be the mother's love she thrived that made her mind to become a mother at theyoung  age of 15 so that she would be able to give the love she lacked.

June left school to give birth to her first daughter Anna-from her first boyfriend, and at 39 years of age, she is a mother to a total of four kids s and grandmother of two.

2. Jane Is Hoping To Turn Boyfriend, Geno Doak Into Husband: Finally!

Jane, who has been in turmoil of relationships with a total of four boyfriends for years, is finally deciding to get married to the fifth one.

The reality star has maintained a trend of dating and welcoming a kid from boyfriend; Anna Cardwell with Mark McDaniel, Jessica Shannon with Michael Anthony Ford, Lauryn Shannon with David Dunn and  Alana Thompson with Mike Thompson(Sugar Bear).

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She split with the most recent boyfriend, Mike in 2015.

After living about two years in the void of a partner, Jane came across a previously married man Geno Doak who has daughters of his own. Her new man even bought her a diamond ring which she denied of being a sign o engagement.

Future Husband?: Jane Shannon ios expecting to marry boyfriend, Geno Doak. (Photo: PEOPLE)

Geno has sure won over June’s heart as she has switched from never turning a boyfriend into a husband to can’t wait to make the man her husband.

3. June Shannon's New Avatar After Weight Loss

The TV mom burst the media when she stepped out in her weight reduced body in 2017. The change that the weight loss brought in her looks is next to unbelievable.

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In 2016/2017, she underwent sleeve surgery along with some other weight loss surgery to lose her infamous appearance of 460 pounds. The procedure and conscious diet along with workouts resulted in a total weight loss of 300 pounds.

The reality star’s before and after photo is shocking and she looks stunning in her curves.

Weight Loss: Before and after picture of Jane Shannon after she lost 300 pounds (Photo: Getty Images)

Now that the former size four woman flaunts a processed body, it is utterly genuine for her to expect a proposal from Geno Doak. The weight loss ought to bring her more; well more than the skin she lost.

4. June Shannon Net Worth In Millions

Despite having a controversial TV career, ranging from dating famous sex offenders to being alleged of draining daughter’s bank balance, June has managed to collect a net worth of $1.5 million at 39.

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The dynamic reality star doesn’t seem to have any plans on leaving the showbiz, for now, she flaunts an attractive body on top of an already established fame.