Julius Peppers is an American former football defensive end who is in a relationship with his model girlfriend, Claudia Sampedro.

The couple has been together for a very long time, and they even have a kid together. However, they have not gotten married yet. What they did have is an awkward marriage talk where the footballer put out the proposition of his girlfriend, who wanted to get married.

While Sampedro is ready to take the next step, Peppers does not want to take the pressure.

Julius Peppers Is In A Long-Term Relationship With His Girlfriend Claudia Sampedro

Green Bay Packer’s former footballer Julius Peppers is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Claudia Sampedro. Sampedro is a Cuban model who is best known for appearing in WAGS Miami. She has also acquired unanticipated fame for looking like Kim Kardashian.

The pair reportedly met at a party in 2014 and began dating a short while thereafter. They have been together ever since. The Cuban model eventually got featured in the WAGS Miami series in 2016 for being the defensive end's better half.

In an interview with Bustle in October 2016, she was swooning over her relationship with Julius. She assured that their relationship was in great shape and was excited to share with the fans her ‘family dynamics’ that she had with Julius.

Although Claudia’s intent makes her look like Julius’s wife, the couple has not been married to date.

Julius and Claudia Have Different Views On Marriage

In November 2016, Sampedro had a conversation with Peppers regarding marriage, which was awkward when the footballer shared his opposing views. She candidly pitched that she wanted to build the relationship and get married, as she sees a future like her parent who had been 'together for 30 years'. 

Peppers unabashedly shared that he did not take the pressure of getting married and was content with where the couple was in their relationship.  

I like the space we are in right now; I like where we at. I don’t feel like we need to put any extra pressure or any expectations on it when it’s good right now.

Ever since the conversation aired on WAGS, they have not had a conversation about marriage.

Julius And Claudia Have Kids From Their Past Relationships And Also Share A Son

Julius and Claudia have a son together named Amaresito Peppers, born on September 21, 2015, one year after being together. Apart from their son together, they are parents to their other kids from their previous relationships.

From her previous relationship, Sampedro has a daughter named Keana, who was born in 2019. On the other hand, Peppers is the father of his son Elihjan Peppers born on March 18, 2014, from his earlier relationship with his ex-girlfriend Lia Ames. Julius split up with his girlfriend Lia in May 2016 when she was pregnant with their son, so he reportedly had to legally provide $8000 per month to Lia Ames for child support.

The couple is often seen together with their kids and has featured them frequently on their Instagram accounts as well. Despite having kids from their past marriages, both Julius and Claudia have considered all three kids as their own.