Michelin star chef Jose Andres is a fortunate man who found his life partner and best friend wrapped in the same person—his wife, Patricia. The chef and his wife, who have a real-life rom-com love story, have been together for more than two decades and are very happy in their conjugal life.

Andres and His Wife Patricia First Met at a Restaurant

In an interview with Bethesda Magazine, Patricia shared that the couple first met at Cafe Atlantico, Washington DC. While Patricia often went there with her friends, Andres would go to the same place for coffee after work.

Jose Andres with his wife Patricia Fernandez de la Cruz
Jose Andres with his wife Patricia Fernandez de la Cruz (Source: gettyimages)​​​​​​

Nothing short of a movie storyline, the celebrity chef had seen Patricia a couple of times dancing with other guys before they officially exchanged words. Then, he managed to make his move by offering her an invitation to a cafe named Atlantico.

“Actually, I was waiting in line with a friend, because there were long lines to get into Café Atlantico. And Jose came with a friend, and he was like, ‘Do you want to come in?’  We said, ‘Sure,’ “she added. Then Patricia and the group went in and said, “Thank you.”

“She left me alone, she used me,” he said laughingly. The couple, however, realized that they enjoyed each other’s company and hence decided to take their relationship forward.

The Couple Recently Completed Their Silver Jubilee of Togetherness

The Spanish-American chef has been married to his wife, Patricia Fernandez de la Cruz, since 1995 and recently, they completed their 25 years of togetherness. The duo had a civil marriage first, followed by a 'real wedding' with friends in Spain. 

But what is the secret to their long-lasting marriage? "Balance," said Patricia. Her husband is spontaneous, frenetic, and philosophical, whereas she is sensible, calm, and nurturing.

In Andres' 2018 book on the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, he mentioned that his wife is caring, loving, and 'the best friend a nutjob like him can have.' He also referred to his better half as an "organized and sensible person in the family" who provides love and warmth to all the family members and the support they need to make it through life's most challenging days.

Recently, he also credited his wife Patricia to make it through the year 2020, the virus period, as she stood like a rock behind him, providing all the support he needed.

"My wife has been a rock for me. Without my wife, I wouldn’t make it. My daughters, without them, I wouldn’t make it.  I have my ups and downs. Sometimes I look myself in the mirror in the morning and I’m like, “What the f--k? What’s going on?”

They Are Blessed with Three Beautiful Angels

The married couple is proud parents of three gorgeous daughters, Carlota, Ines, and Lucia.

The oldest one, Carlota, 20, is a 2017 Stone Ridge graduate and is a sophomore at New York University. Ines is two years younger than Carlota and attends Stone Ridge School of Sacred Heart, also in Bethesda, along with the couple’s youngest daughter Lucia who is 15 years old.

Chef Andres loves spending time with his daughters. Together, they enjoy preparing home-made meals, some of which are shared on his Instagram too. In one such instance, he shared a six-minute fried rice cooking tutorial dancing and rapping while sauteeing the carrots and peas with his daughters in the kitchen and saved our quarantine days in 2020. 

Besides his family, the father of three is also quite passionate about feeding the needy. He runs a nonprofit organization, World Central Kitchen, that places "community kitchens" to help deliver food to the ones who are in dire need. During the coronavirus pandemic, the organization provided meals to over 25 million people affected by the lockdown.