Jon Gabrus is known for being a man of multiple talents — actor, comedian, reality TV star, writer, storyteller, former lifeguard, construction worker, and sports mascot.

But the most important role he plays in his life is that of a husband.

Jon leads a happily married life with his wife and best friend, Tiffany Bernard Gabrus.

Jon Gabrus and Wife Tiffany's Love Story 

They say that an ideal college romance starts with a friendship and turns into a perfect marriage.

Rightly so, the Guy Code star and his wife have lived through it. The lovebirds, who have been together for almost eighteen years now, met during their junior year of college in 2002 at Marist College in New York. 

Jon Gabrus with his wife Tiffany Gabrus.

Jon Gabrus with his wife, Tiffany Gabrus. (Photo: Instagram)

In February 2020, the stand-up comedian took to Instagram to share a photo of his beautiful spouse on the occasion of their seventeenth anniversary of being a couple.

Jon remarked that he had loved every moment of their life since they got together. He expressed he was looking forward to a hundred more years together. His caption, to be precise, read:

I have loved every minute of the 8.93 million minutes since I asked, ‘would you like to be my girlfriend?’ Here’s to a hundred more years of telling me every single detail from your day. Love you, Rat Queen (and Cheech).

Not only that single photo, but a scroll through Jon's Instagram will clarify that he is head over heels in love with his wife, Tiffany.

The reality TV star has shared several heartwarming pictures with his better half, and we're all for it.

One of those is a throwback portrait of their college days that he shared on 2017 Valentine's Day.

The duo looked very young and happy in the picture, smiling ears to ears. He wrote, "Happy #ValentinesDay to my wife. This is 14 years ago. Junior year at Marist (tho the wall should tell you it's college)..."

Jon Gabrus and Tiffany Married in 2011

After dating for almost nine years, the 39-year-old actor popped the question to his college sweetheart and then walked down the aisle on October 15, 2011.

Every year on their anniversary, Jon posts pictures of his spouse to show his love and appreciation and celebrate their togetherness with his fans and followers. 


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On their ninth wedding anniversary, he posted a family portrait including himself, Tiffany, and their dog Arthur. Under the photo, he wrote:

We got married 9 years ago today. We dated for almost 9 years before getting married... Love you, boogs. (And I guess maybe I secretly like posing for all these ‘dumb’ family photos you make me take).

He did a similar thing on their 10th anniversary. He posted a picture with her and dedicated a message to her "Truly no one else could handle being locked in an apt with me for almost two years (and I THINK vice versa)," he humorously penned.

Then the Wild 'N Out star added he was proud of his wife besides being "disgustingly attracted to you."

Tiffany Gabrus Is a Marketing Guru

While the comedian is all about social media PDA, his better half likes to keep her personal life to herself and has private social media accounts.

That being said, the Marist College graduate is as multi-talented as her husband. In addition, she is a marketing expert in the entertainment and digital media fields.

Currently, she is working in the Global Creative Marketing Department of Netflix, the USA. According to her LinkedIn, she has gained quite the marketing experience as she has been working for over fifteen years.

The marketing proficient has worked as the Vice President and Executive Director of a media company named Starz. She has also taken several roles in that vicinity in the AMC Networks, where she worked for almost five years.