Joel Smallbone of the pop duo For King and Country has been enjoying marital bliss for over seven years now.

Even after years of marriage, the happily married man is head over heels in love with his wife and even believes that his wife is the embodiment of Wonder Woman. 

Joel Smallbone Is Married To A Fellow Christian Musician 

Smallbone is married to Moriah Peters, an American singer-songwriter. The two are madly in love and often post about each other on social media. 

One such post that caught our eye was when he posted about Moriah being his real-life Wonder Woman on Instagram. It clearly showed that he holds his wife in high regard and doesn't take her for granted. In the post, he thanked her for being as strong and courageous as she has always been and loving him even with all his flaws. 

Joel Smallbon Considers Wife Wonder Woman

Joel Smallbone With His Real-life Wonder Woman—his wife (Source: Instagram)

Not only that, he never misses an opportunity to celebrate their togetherness. From celebrating years of meeting her for the first time to their first date and, of course, their anniversaries, he cherishes every moment with her.  

Joel Smallbone Met Her For The First Time At A Wedding

In an interview with Project Team Inspired, Smallbone stated that he met his beloved wife at his brother Luke's wedding. And even though he doesn't believe in love at first sight, he admitted that there was a spark between them when he first saw her. This spark led him to ask her to dance with him, and they ended up spending time together even after the wedding.

In fact, since she was in town for a few days after the wedding, they spent all their time together. By then, the duo was so much in love that they wrote a duet love song called 'I’ll Wait for You.' 

In the days that followed, he had a feeling that he had probably met his future wife. Jolly feeling, that! 

Furthermore, he has admitted that he knew that he and Moriah were meant to be together from the first time they met. When he was asked how he knew that his wife was 'the one' for him, he answered that when they met, he understood that there had been things missing from his previous relationships, but it all made more sense with her.

Distance Cannot Keep Them Apart

The couple does not often get to spend a lot of time together because even though they work in the same industry, their careers usually keep them busy and away from each other.

However, the distance cannot keep them apart, and they find a way to always be in touch with each other, thanks to technology. Furthermore, belonging to the same industry helps put things in perspective as they celebrate each other and what they believe in. 

But when they do get a chance to be with each other, it mostly includes traveling a lot, and they often share a stage. 

Since their lives are full of buzz and busy schedules, there are no children yet in the lives of this hard-working couple. However, Smallbone has acknowledged that eventually, things will settle down for them, and so they'll both have more time for each other and maybe even start a family. 

The Mutual Love And Respect Helps To Resolve Fights

Smallbone does not really believe in the age-old 'opposites attract' logic and instead considers that he and his wife are more alike in nature than not. It is this similarity in their personalities that the couple does not often have disagreements. 

However, in case they do have a dispute, both of them make an active effort to resolve it by conveying their feelings and remembering that they're meant to be together. This mutual love and respect help them fix their relationship even if they might feel otherwise. 

We can't help but admire the lovebirds for the mutual love and respect they share. They never fail to appreciate their spouse in front of the world, and it is this affection that keeps them devoted to each other even after years of marriage.