JJ Da Boss—the name that represents a trailblazer—is the leader of the Memphis racing family. Picking up his father's and uncles' tradition, JJ Da Boss established himself as one of the most prominent street racers.

His life encircles around racing and staying alive while doing it. However, JJ has someone to come home to—a lovely wife who shares the same profession, passion, and prominence. Now, together they are ruling the street racing arena.

JJ Da Boss is Married to Street Racer Tricia Day; They Have Been Together For 12 years

Contrary to most of the hard-core street racers, JJ Da Boss is happily married and raising four kids with his wife, Tricia Day. Their marriage can be an example to many working parents.


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JJ shared in an interview with Monsters & Critics in 2018, that his wife grew up in a little town outside Memphis. Tricia is a life long friend of Queen of the Streets, Precious Cooper, who is also JJ’s cousin.

Precious and Tricia grew up together and went on to learn street racing. Tricia now drives the ’66 Chevy Nova called Heifer, which is owned by her husband JJ.

JJ Da Boss Came Into the Limelight From Street Outlaws: Memphis

As the saying goes, 'A couple that rides together, stays together.' It is very much true in the case of JJ Da Boss. JJ and wife Tricia had always been the most talked-about street racing family in Memphis; hence they were approached by Discovery for a drag racing series.

Discovery’s series, Street Outlaws: Memphis, is undeniably one of the coolest shows, particularly for those who love street racing. JJ agreed to do a series with Discovery after being reached out by them a couple of times. Tricia and JJ work together to earn lots of money on street drag racing bets

In one of the episodes, JJ fixes a $2000 race between Tricia and Ronnie Pace, a driver, and shares that he works with his wife on these betting races.

While Tricia Day might look like a typical American sweetheart, she is actually one of the Memphis racing family's strongest racers!

JJ Da Boss’s Eldest Son Has Followed His Footsteps and Joined the Memphis Street Racing Team

JJ Da Boss’s kids are more than lucky to have a daredevil dad who loves them dearly. JJ has been in lots of controversies as his work's nature is quite hectic; he even calls it an “underground world” in an interview with Monsters & Critics. 

Despite this, he has never let his work life hamper the bond with his kids. Tricia and JJ are not just a charming couple but ones who keep their family together. JJ is known to have seven more kids from an earlier affair—some of whom still visit their father.

Not just that, it looks like there is still a bright future for the Memphis racing family as JJ’s eldest son, Dough Boy, began street racing recently in 2017 at the age of 25.