Wedding bells for Jesse Palmer and his long-term fiancée Emely Fardo seem to be closer than ever as the fashion model has started using her partner's family name in her Instagram bio. Her account has been updated, and her name now comprises 'Palmer.' 

Behold, the change in her Instagram name isn't the only fact that hints at their upcoming wedding. A special hashtag and a honeymoon registry add to the list.

Palmer and Fardo Got Engaged in 2019

Palmer's relationship with Fardo started after meeting at a boxing class at Rumble in NYC in 2017.

Her beauty had already impressed Palmer at first sight, but he didn't approach until serendipity connected Palmer, who was going out of the gym, and Fardo, who was entering.

After the friendship, it only took two weeks for the couple to have their first date at Rumble.

And two years after, Palmer started ring shopping. He knocked it out of the park with an oval 3.5-carat diamond ring and a platinum band lined with smaller .42-carat diamonds. 

To top it off, he took the Brazilian model for a surprise trip to France, keeping the big plan a secret. The duo traveled to Paris and finally went to Champagne, where Fardo's favorite wedding photographer had been invited. 

The pair spent some time at the patio before the former NFL quarterback got on one knee to ask the big question in front of a setting sun.

Half of his proposal was in Portuguese as Palmer left no stone unturned to impress his wife-to-be, born in Brazil. 

Palmer shared with Dailymail that he made such efforts because he was head over heels for her. He expressed that his love for her was growing with every passing day. 

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The Wedding Isn't Far

The wedding for The Bachelor star and his fiancée is apparently not very far.

Given that Fardo has already started using her partner's second name, evident in her Instagram, she is obviously marrying him soon. 

She shared her interest in marriage back in August 2019. She posted a picture with a wedding veil and used the hashtag 'bride to be.'

After that, a big hint showing their upcoming wedding came in a honeymoon registry made by the couple. In the detailed honeymoon wish, they requested their friends and family donate to their honeymoon fund if they planned on gifting them anything else.

The registry also revealed that the pair would travel to Greece and its islands on their honeymoon after taking a needed break at French Riviera following their wedding.

While the pair has made no announcements regarding the big day, it can be assumed that the pandemic is playing its part in the delay. 

Before Fardo, Palmer was in a relationship with The Bachelor alum Jessica Bowlin. Their relationship started in the show, and the duo pair parted ways amicably.