Brad Mondo says he found success on YouTube as a content creator after he stopped trying to be a character and started putting his true self out there.

The YouTuber, with over 7 million subscribers, gives the same advice to all his followers and anyone listening.

Being himself isn’t a philosophy Mondo has limited to his career as a content creator. The celebrity hairstylist follows the same beliefs in his real life as well. And nothing attests to the fact as much as him coming out as gay to his fans in May 2018.

Mondo uploaded a 19 minutes long video sharing his coming out story and preaching the message of love. He also encouraged his fans, who were having trouble coming out, to embrace their true selves and take the step forward.

Mondo’s Coming Out Story

In the video, Mondo talked about his experiences in detail. He revealed that once he joined high school, he didn’t try to hide the fact that he was gay. But he since wasn’t completely sure whether he was gay, he had told his close friends that he was bisexual.

Mondo had a girlfriend at the time with whom he had opened up to and she was cool with his sexual orientation.

He added he didn’t have any repulsion towards women like other gay men did and really liked his girlfriend.

The XMONDO founder later started hanging out with an older guy at his high school who was also gay. The two got together and while they weren't boyfriends, their time together helped Mondo realize that he was gay and not bisexual.


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The YouTuber also shared an unsavory experience of when this older guy revealed to the entire high school that Mondo was gay.

The hairstylist said he was deeply hurt by the incident and didn’t talk to the other party for a long time because of it.

As for coming out to his family, Mondo said there was no big coming out moment. He never tried to hide it, and he always assumed his family kind of knew about it.

Mondo’s Advice To People

While Mondo encouraged people to stay true to themselves, he also repeatedly iterated that he was lucky enough to have an understanding family and community who accepted him readily.

He advised people to act according to their circumstances and if there was someone unaccepting of LGBTIQ+ people in their surroundings, to help educate them.


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The YouTuber shared that being out in the open about being gay was refreshing, as he didn’t have to constantly hide his true self.

Taking a more somber tone, Mondo addressed how LGBTIQ+ people were still facing rejection. He said it was upsetting seeing people unable to support other people's happiness.

Mondo has been trying to support the LGBTIQ+ community for a long time. 

His hair care company, XMONDO, is currently celebrating the LGBTIQ+ community on the occasion of pride month.