Biologist Jeffrey Corwin's followers have witnessed him become a fan favorite through his animal conservation shows as Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin and Alaska Animal Rescue. But, they may not be well-acquainted with the fact that his wife has a massive role in his success.

Yes, Jeff's wife, and also his family, have sacrificed to steer Jeff towards success. Today, let's find what their sacrifices are and get familiar with Jeff's family in detail.

Jeff Corwin's Wife, Natasha Soultanova, Is Russian

Jeff has a 24-year long marriage with Natasha Sultanova. The pair met while shopping in Havard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1996. They dated soon after their first meet, and after about three months, got married.

Unlike her husband, Natasha does not seem to like the spotlight, as much about her life or what she does is unknown. It is only known that she is Russian and was brought up in Germany.

Moreover, it is known that Jeff and his wife currently live in a lake house at Marshfield, Massachusetts. But, as Jeff’s Instagram suggests that he travels a lot, it's probably just Natasha and their children who live in Massachusetts most of the time.

Jeff Involves Daughters in Career Pursuits

Jeff Corwin and Natasha are the parents to two daughters, Maya Rose Corwin and Mariana Corwin. Their first daughter Maya was born in 2003, while their younger daughter was born in 2008. Now, Maya is 17 years old, and Mariana is 12 years old.

Interestingly, Jeff, whenever possible, involves both his daughters in his career pursuits. For instance, he attended the 2013 Radio Disney Awards with Maya. Also, he took his younger daughter Mariana to assist him in Bermuda’s wildlife conservation project in August 2019.

Jeff Corwin's Wife Gave up College to Fund Him

Jeff and his wife, Natasha, complement each other well, and she seems to have a spectacular impact on his life. Back when they just got married, Natasha was in undergrad and Jeff was in grad school; but they didn’t have enough money to fund both. So, Natasha gave up college to let Jeff complete his Master's in Science.

And if that is not enough, she even supported Jeff to live on an island off the Massachusetts shore for some time, back in 2009.

As per the interview with the Bonappetit in 2009, Jeff and his wife chose to live off the grid to let their daughters connect with resources they depend upon.

The island had no reliable electricity. But, despite the hardships of living in such a place, the family thrived through each other's support. They even produced their food such as berries, vegetables, apples, and herbs on the 22-acre island. 

Therefore, from lifting financial burdens to accompanying her Jeff in every needed situation, Jeff Corwin's wife has always been there. She has indeed helped him to focus on his career and be one of the bests in his field.