American sports journalist Jason Whitlock has set his priorities straight—choosing career over marital commitments. When asked questions about settling down, Whitlock revealed that he is happily living his bachelor life and has an interesting perspective behind not getting married.

Whitlock on Marriage and Having a Wife

Different people have different viewpoints regarding marriage and starting a family of their own. While some have it sorted way early in their life, others put their professional commitments above marital ones. Whitlock falls into the latter category. He wants to stay far away from marriage.

In a 2016 interview with Colin Cowherd on The Herd, the sports journalist put forward his take on the advantages of being single instead of sharing his plans on getting married. 

Cowherd gave examples of some personalities who became successful after getting married and urged Whitlock to settle down. Interestingly though, Whitlock gave a befitting reply to the host, that too with an example of professional footballer Chip Kelly who is unmarried and has a successful career because he can focus on football 24/7. 

Let me give you another guy who believes in the “Advantage to being single. Chip Kelly, he has no life balance. He is all in football not married just a 100% football 24*7. He thinks it gives him a great advantage in it.

According to the 53-year-old journalist, he has more time to think than his competitors, who always worry about their wives and kids. Not only that, but he also expressed his opinion on how his singlehood helps him to grow professionally without any distractions of a marriage.

I think it’s an advantage in my career. I have more time to think than my competitors. So I tell people all the time. It’s not that I am smarter than anybody I just got more time to think while you are thinking about your life and kids.”

Whitlock further explained more about his problem with post-marriage life and having a wife. The problem? He's scared his life will be out of balance.

I think I’ll be honest with you. I have lived long enough to know it’s not an advantage. Your life is out of balance. She needs the stability you need the routine it puts in a better position, to excel. My problem is I wanna relax at home and she will be like let’s hit the club.

Whitlock Had A Girlfriend

Even though the radio personality has a problem exchanging the vows, he surely didn’t want to stay away from getting love. As per his tweet in July 2015, he hinted at having an ex-girlfriend.

The said relationship remained a mystery as he never officially spoke about it.  However, one of his Fox Sports Columns reads that he is a fan of 'June-December romances.' He wrote:

But a blossoming Mayflower certainly could be fertilized into a special, 28-year-old bouquet by a patient and attentive gardener.

For those of you who don't know what a June-December romance (or popularly known as May-December) is, it is an age-old term for a romantic relationship between two people with a considerable age difference. 

Whitlock further shared in the column that men like him are somehow attracted to younger women.

Every man I know has a little Captain in him. We see a pretty young thang working her way through nursing or cosmetology school and it’s just in our nature to pay a cellphone bill, a car note or get her nails done. It’s what we do.

He Is LGBTIQ Community Ally

The former Fox TV Sports journalist kept his private life behind the curtains and never really spoke about it. This raised many questions regarding his sexuality but didn’t necessarily mean he is gay. Whitlock never really gave air to the rumors; however, he stated in 2016 that he fully supports and stands behind the LGBTIQ community. 

He extended his view regarding this issue in the sports context. According to the sports columnist, the sports world needs a prominent role model like Muhammad Ali to be a trailblazer to remove some of this hate and fear of people relating to the homosexual community.

In sports, there are opportunities, we’ve seen it for sports to be a leader in social change, and clearly, I don’t want to avoid this man or this tragedy affected the LGBT community, and there’s a reason why the LGBT community wants the sports world to embrace people of the LGBT community and have a role model for gay and lesbian athletes.