Israel Houghton, who was previously married to Meleasa Houghton, is now in a conjugal relationship with Adrienne Bailon. The couple married after the American singer-songwriter's separation with Meleasa. 

However, there were a few rumors saying that Adrienne was the reason behind derailing the prolific worship leader's previous marriage with now ex-wife Meleasa. But, is there any truth to this? Or was this rumor just an attempt to throw some dirt at the newlywed couple?

Israel Houghton’s Marriage With First Wife Failed Because Of Infidelity

The I'm With You/Be Still singer tied the knot with his former wife back in 1994. The two had three children from their marriage; son Sonny Houghton and daughters Lillie and Mariah Houghton.

But, the relationship reportedly faltered due to the famous Christina musician's infidelity. According to Daily Mail, Houghton revealed cheating on Meleasa five years prior to 2016.

This ties up with the fact that he is a father to two kids, Kingston and Khristian, during an affair with DeVawn Moreno. They were four and two years old, respectively, when Christian Post reported on a case regarding their child support case on December 13, 2016. 

Apart from this, Israel is also a father to Jordan Houghton. But the gospel singer has not revealed who Jordan’s mother is yet.

Due to this, they had lived separately from one another for a long time and had been struggling to solve their marital problems. However, nothing worked out and the couple filed for divorce under their initials. The You Are Good composer announced the same in February 2016 through a statement on his Facebook page. The post has since been deleted.

Their 20 year-long marriage officially ended on 22 February 2016, and the statement was reportedly made on the same day as their divorce was officially confirmed.

Adrienne Bailon Was Not The Reason For Her Husband's Divorce

Israel and Adrienne met around 2013. They worked together on a couple of projects, like the 2013 movie I’m in Love with a Church Girl, and stayed friends as their circles connected.

So, when the pair went public with their relationship in March 2016, the allegations and rumors about Adrienne being the reason for the strain in his marriage started surfacing around.

But, they did not start dating immediately. In fact, the 49-year-old musician clarified multiple times of not going out with the current Mrs. Houghton until a few months after filing for his divorce.

In a Facebook post from 22 March 2016, he said that his marriage “had been over for quite some time before going public with my divorce announcement,” stressing that Adrienne should not be held responsible for his mistakes.

Israel Houghton's Facebook post addressing the rumors regarding Adrienne's role in his divorce (Photo: Israel & New Breed/Facebook)

Adrienne, too, during an episode of The Real Daytime in October 2019, clarified that Israel and Meleasa had filed for separation months before she even started dating the famous singer-songwriter.

Israel And Adrienne Got Married In Paris

After divorce settlement, Israel married the Emmy Award-winning beauty in a ceremony observed in Paris. After dating for just six months, the gospel singer proposed to then-girlfriend, Adrienne on 12 August 2016.

Then, a couple of months later, they got married in the same city they first got engaged, which was held at the Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris on November 11, 2016.