Alison Victoria accomplished resounding success in her professional life, both as a designer and a reality star. Still, she has not been the luckiest in her choice of partners. 

That goes for her personal as well as her professional life. As for the question, “Is Alison Victoria married?” the answer as of this writing is no, but if the question is “Has she ever been married?,” then that is a resounding yes.

Victoria Was Once Married

Victoria has been upfront about her professional success and hardship, but when it comes to her personal life, she likes to keep that side of her life under wraps. 

She has sparsely talked about her ex-husband Luke Harding in the public eye. One of those rare moments was during an interview with the Chicago Splash. 

During the tell-all interview about her career in 2014, the outlet reported Harding was a State Farm insurance agent she met on in 2011 and got married a year later. Victoria also explained what made Harding the right fit for her. 

I married Luke because he was the guy that was my biggest fan. He’s super proud.

Her Proud Husband

Towards the end of the interview, she recalled a particularly memorable moment from the previous summer when the couple was out on a Cubs game.

The couple was on their own, sitting at a bar across the field when, out of the blue, a few police officers came towards them from across the street. 

The cops then politely asked for a picture with the ‘Kitchen Crasher,’ and the husband was super excited. 

“And Luke goes — it was so cute — ‘It’s happening,’” she said. 

A Falling Out with Her Business Partner

Sadly, the marriage did not last for long after that interview, because as of 2020, People’s report read that her longtime boyfriend was Michael Marks. 

The revelation of her boyfriend wasn’t the primary attraction of the article, though. Instead, the report detailed her failed professional relationship with business partner Donovan Eckhardt.

According to the report, Eckhardt was the in-charge of finances for her show Kitchen Crashers for its first two seasons on HGTV.

She revealed that by the end of the first season; the show was struggling financially despite the show having successfully renovated quite a few kitchens. 

In the September 15, 2020, premiere of the show, the duo could be seen fighting over a failed attempt to get a loan but later revealed that the majority of the renovation budget had already been paid out to Eckhardt’s company without her knowing. 

Marks Was by Her Side

Following that, the duo parted ways, and from what Victoria told People, she had to deal with a series of settlements uglier than the ugliest divorces she’d seen. 

Thankfully, her boyfriend Marks was by her side to support her, as she put all the pieces back together. Victoria also revealed during a house tour with House Beautiful that her boyfriend was a professional chef. 

Most recently, the reality star flaunted her boyfriend in an Instagram post in late January 2021.