Yellowstone actress Hassie Harrison and her longtime boyfriend Austin Nichols have been together since the spring of 2018. From the early stages of their relationship, the couple posted photos of and with each other on their social media accounts. However, lately, they’ve been taking a break from doing so.

The Most Recent Picture Of Them Together

Nichols, famous for his stint in One Tree Hill, was the one to post the couple’s most recent picture together. It was a birthday post dedicated to Harrison on March 23, 2020. In the photo, Nichols is seen hugging the actress, who sits atop what looks like a kitchen counter while drinking her beer. A tender caption accompanied the adorable picture—“One of the most important days of the year. THE DAY YOU WERE BORN.”

As for Harrison, the last photo she posted of the two together dates back to July 2019; a picture of the actress inspecting her boyfriend’s bike. She captioned it as “road side assistance.”

Otis, The Star Doggo

Although the stars are no longer posting pictures together as a couple, the one thing common on both of their Instagram accounts is Nichols’s dog, Otis.

Otis came into their lives when Harrison gifted the puppy to her boyfriend on his birthday. The Australian cattle dog first appeared on Nichols’ Instagram on April 28, 2020, with a caption that shed light on the fact that it was a gift from Harrison.

Nichols most recently posted a heartwarming picture of him and Otis together, where the latter is sleeping on his lap as the actor took a selfie.

Scrolling through Harrison’s Instagram account, the most recent post featuring Otis was a video of him on National Dog Day, dating back to August 27, 2020. The adorable puppy is receiving a belly rub from the actress and looks quite happy about it in the video.

Harrison’s Past Romance

The Hart of Dixie star has avoided scandals and rumors regarding her dating life. She has only been in one known relationship before Nichols, with her co-star Wilson Bethel.

Harrison and Bethel dated sometime around 2013. The couple was private about their love life and eventually separated not long after.