The creator of pioneering hair coloring techniques, Guy Tang, is now happily married to his husband, Almar Guevarra. He is even vocal about his marriage with his spouse and sexuality. 

But it took a while for him the hairstylist to accept he was gay. So much so he was once in a relationship with a woman.

Guy Tang's Coming Out as Gay Story

Tang was in a long-term relationship with a girl. He even proposed to his girlfriend and eventually got engaged.

But instead of experiencing bliss with his future wife, Tang faced a double identity crisis. 

The issue emerged initially because of his Asian race. He had to face racism and felt like an outsider. The other source of the problem was he had still not come to terms with his sexuality and identified as gay. 


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In an interview with the Beauty Launchpad in 2020, the hairstylist admitted he knew he was different deep down, but the fear of judgment was a barrier from accepting his gayness.

At the age of 27, a particular chain of events ultimately made him realize his stand; however, admitting he was gay wasn’t easy for him. 

Mostly because coming out as gay was considered a sin in his hometown. Also, he had never seen anyone from his ethnicity doing so.

"I couldn’t just open up my phone and see, ‘Oh, there’s someone who looks like me,’” he remarked. 

He reiterated that coming out of the closet, accepting himself as a gay person, was indeed hard for him.

When I came out, the hardest thing was to look at myself in the mirror, embrace myself and be true to myself.

During that time, Tang had already been engaged to his girlfriend, and he loved her dearly.

In a Facebook video, he shared how tough it was coming out to his then-fiancée. He also mentioned that he still missed his girlfriend, as she was his best friend too.

Thankfully, while he was getting over the separation, he met his future husband, Guevarra. 

Guy Tang's Husband Almar Guevarra Is Super Supportive

Tang is often seen gushing about his supportive and wonderful spouse on social media.

On the romantic front, Guevarra has been making Tang’s life beautiful and comfortable for 11 years now.

Guy Tang and his husband Almar Guevarra.

Guy Tang with his husband Almar Guevarra in October 2021. (Photo: Almar Guevarra/Instagram)

Currently, Tang’s partner is a brain cancer research nurse fighting to make the world a more comfortable place for people living with brain cancer. 

The hairstylist said that regardless of his spouse's medical background and finesse, Guevarra knows a thing or two about hair, which is Tang’s specialty. 

He considers his spouse as the best partner in the world for his selfless love and support. 

My husband is the best man ever because he is so supportive and loving. He is the best husband anyone could ever ask for because he loves me for me even with all my flaws.

The multi-talented social media personality with over 2 million YouTube subscribers posted a photo and heartfelt caption on September 22, 2019.

In the caption, he wrote how Guevarra had been his consistent pillar and biggest cheerleader.

To celebrate all that his spouse has done for him, Tang dedicated a song to his partner titled 'Till I Found You.'

Via the song, Tang has conveyed what Guevarra meant to him and how his partner has influenced his life for good.