Guy Tang is a world-renowned hairstylist who earned his name with his hair transformation techniques. He is also the founder of Mydentity, a color line that completely changed the hairstyling and coloring landscape.

However, he does not keep all his hair coloring secrets to himself and usually shares them on Mydentity’s website.

Hair Saved Tang’s Life

The now-renowned hairstylist’s teenage years were challenging. It was mainly due to the struggle he faced with his identity and the nescience of what to do in his later life.

He tried various things for his future. While he was pursuing photography during his high school days, he noticed that he was mainly taking pictures of women and their hairstyles. Thereafter, he began experimenting with different hair colors and soon fell in love with it. After finding his purpose—which saved his life, as he writes on his website—he started to pursue hair coloring and styling for his living.

Journey to Founding Mydentity Color Line

Following his decision to pursue his interest in hairstyling, he began working day and night on it. His hard work eventually gave him results. He was hired by an international hair color company. He worked there as their platform educator, and seven years later, he called it off to start something of his own.

Soon, he created a self-titled YouTube channel and began to share hairstyling tutorials. His talent quickly attracted lots of viewers and helped him carve out an identity of his own. Later, he founded the Mydentity color line to give more insights into how he executed his wondrous work.

Speaking to the Concept Hair Magazine on October 13, 2019, the Los Angeles resident revealed that he, alongside his chemist, create all of the unique hair colors in their lab.

Further, he stated that his color line will always be on the lookout for new and hot hair trends that will inspire other hairstylists to explore new things and be creative.

The Mydentity Color line has a lot of unique hair colors that I formulated with my chemists in the lab. Mydentity will always have a pulse to what’s new and hot. It will set trends and inspire hairstylists to be creative and explore new things.

Hair Trends Through Mydentity

Back then, Tang was just focused on helping people get the best natural-looking hairstyle and color. When he founded Mydentity, he never would have thought that he would be a trendsetter with his hairstyling.

But, as time passed on, he began to introduce different hairstyles, color charts, toner charts, hair dye techniques, and formulas in the market. Interestingly, as soon as he launched a new hairstyle, it would become a trend.

Among all the styles and formulas in his color chart, Copper Red Copper, Dusty Lavender, and Midnight Rose are his favorites.

He also started to provide technical education, his signature techniques, and secret formula tips through the official Mydentity website and its Instagram. On the website, he mentioned that he revealed those tips to see what his fans can create using them.