Two-time Emmy award winner Deborah Norville is the epitome of a balanced life. Even with a demanding career as an Anchor for Inside Edition, one of America's top-rated syndicated newsmagazine, she spends a lot of time with her family, as is evident in several of her social media posts.

Even a brief intro to her official website reads that her 'hands are full, and so is her life', hinting towards both her fulfilling professional and personal life. Having been married for 33 years, the veteran journalist has experienced a lot with her husband — from raising three fully grown children to weathering Thyroid cancer

Deborah First Met Her Husband On a Blind Date

Deborah and her husband, Karl Wellner, have a ravishing love story. They first met on a blind date in Sweden, thanks to the urging of her relatives for setting it up:

''If it weren`t for my relatives, [Karl and me] probably would never have met…''

As the Inside Edition anchor shares with the Chicago Tribune, Karl actually proposed twice around two years later, and Deborah said yes both times. The couple hosted a Christmas wedding at St. James Episcopal Church in New York City. They have now been husband and wife for more than 33 years, although as Deborah's anniversary post suggests, they met two years before tying the knot. 

35 years ago I “squeezed” this guy in for a blind date! Sooooo glad I did! ❤ï¸ÂðŸ’•ðŸ’˜#firstdate #married33years #3kids

Deborah's Husband Also Has A Very Successful Career

While he is no Emmy winner, Norville's husband, Karl Wellner, is still a very prominent businessman who has been entitled to several honors over the years. He is the Chairman & CEP at Paparmarkou Wellner Asset Management, where he also holds the majority share. Karl is also the founder of KAWE Kapital in Estonia, a major investment firm there. 66 years of age, Karl is equally dedicated to his wife and family, which is why even after all these years, as his wife points out in an Instagram post, he still makes her smile. 

Still smiling after 31years!💕❤ï¸ÂðŸ’•#summerwedding

Deborah Calls Karl The “Sweetest Hubby”

The image Deborah paints of her husband are quite dreamy. Her Instagram posts repeatedly assert that Karl is a great husband, calling him the “sweetest hubby” in one of her posts.

In her darkest times, when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, she posted a picture of her and her husband’s hand with the caption: “Here with my best friend.” Karl seems to be a good father too. Deborah claims that she feels “blessed to have children with [her] husband.” 

The Couple Travel Often And Spend Lots Of Time Together

The couple likes to spend time together, and one of their hobbies seems to be to travel. In her Instagram feed, you will see several pictures of the couple traveling from California, all the way to Italy. They also seem to be on a plane quite often, and it is pretty clear that the couple travels very frequently. Back when they are home, Karl does his best to make his wife happy. Most recently, he threw a surprise birthday party for her that she posted about.

The Duo Have Three Children Together

Norville and her husband are parents to three children, all of whom are grown-ups now. Their eldest son Nick is 29 years old, their middle child Kyle is 25, and their youngest daughter Mikaela is 23 years old.

All three children went to Duke University, and today work in closely related fields. Nick is an account executive in Intercom Australia, Kyle works in his father’s firm Papamarkou as an associate, and Mikaela is a Sales Development Rep at Attentive, New York.