Danny Green celebrated six years with his girlfriend Blair Bashen on June 16, 2021, and shared a beautiful picture of the couple on Instagram to commemorate the day.

In the same post, the NBA superstar seemed to have teased fans with an update regarding his wedding. 

Anniversary Post with an Easter Egg

The anniversary post featured a snap of the stunning couple facing one another against the harsh backdrop of the setting sun.

The absolutely romantic moment saw the couple gaze into each other's eyes as they found themselves in an intimate embrace. 

Danny Green with his fiancee Blair Bashen

Danny Green with his fiancee Blair Bashen. (Source: Instagram)

The open sea in the background was witness to the amazing green dress that Bashen wore and her curly locks that were drenched in the golden rays of the evening sun.

Her beau looked just as appealing with a set of matching green suit and trousers. 

Adjacent to the breathtaking snap, the L.A. Lakers star wished his lady a happy sixth anniversary. He wrote, 

Happy 6 years babe! the real thing starts soon! Can’t wait until the Day! Love you forever and always

Of course, the first and last few words were not surprising at all for anyone who was even vaguely familiar with Green's love life. 

However, the Lakers star said that the real thing would start soon. It was most definitely a teaser, telling fans that their nuptials were right around the corner. 

The Fiancée Posted Too

The beautiful Bashen also put up a post on her socials on the same day. Her post featured a series of heartwarming snaps of the adorable couple. 


A post shared by B L A I R (@bbash14)

Although the snaps she shared were not as dramatic, it was still plenty romantic, with the casually dressed couple holding one another in ample sunshine. 

In her captions too, after wishing her beau on their anniversary, she explicitly announced that this was going to be their last anniversary before their marriage.

Green Proposed on Their Fifth Anniversary

Green proposed to Bashen in June 2020, getting on one knee at Surfer's Point Beach in Ventura. In fact, he'd popped the question on their fifth anniversary. 

Shortly after, he let his fans relive his special moment as he put the photos up on Instagram for all to see.

Much like the recent anniversary, the couple also celebrated their fifth year of togetherness on a beach. 


A post shared by Danny Green (@greenranger14)

In the caption, Green apologized for taking so long to pop the question. Apparently, he wanted to get her the ring she deserved but had to save up for it. 

It is noteworthy that the professional basketball player had made upwards of 67 million dollars at that point in his career.

Also, he had signed a 30 million dollar contract with the L.A. Lakers the year prior.

So either that is a joke, or that was one expensive ring. The former seems more likely. 

In a nutshell, it is all but confirmed that the next anniversary Green and Bashen celebrate would be as husband and wife.

Going by the NBA star's Instagram wishes, it is likely that the two will become husband and wife sooner rather than later.