Rayne Dak Prescott is one of the most high-profile quarterbacks in the NFL. In the 2016 NFL Draft, the Cowboys selected him. The same year he was named the 2016 Associated Press NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. 

He also earned two Pro Bowl selections and was awarded the 2017 NCAA Today’s Top 10 Award. Currently, he ranks fourth all-time with his career pass rating of 97.3 and is a valuable member of the Cowboys. 

Prescott’s value to the Cowboys was even more evident when his team lost any hope of turning around the 2020 season because of his injury.

The Dallas franchise realized this and agreed to terms on a new contract with the quarterback who signed a four-year, $160 million deal to stay in Dallas.

The deal included a signing bonus of $66 million—the highest in NFL history, and the quarterback was seen celebrating with his girlfriend. 

Prescott’s Girlfriend Natalie Buffett

The athlete does not have a wife but is seeing Natalie Buffett. Buffet took to her Instagram stories to celebrate his mega-contract deal by posting a photo of him in his Cowboys uniform screaming.

Buffett, who boasts nearly 45,000 Instagram followers, is reportedly a model and a social media influencer. She shares her experience and stories and helps others achieve their fitness goals with her workout routine.

It’s unclear when Prescott and Buffet started dating, but four months ago, Buffet uploaded a black and white Instagram story where she was seen kissing Prescott’s hands.

The words “One year of loving you” were written on the side. 

The model regularly posts about her love life on social media. In February, Buffett posted a sweet Valentine’s Day message that read, “I love you, valentine.” to Prescott on Instagram, who commented on the post with “My Valentines every day,”

The post also prompted a comical response from the quarterback’s teammate, running back Ezekiel Elliott, who jokingly asked Buffet to “back off.”

Unlike his girlfriend, Prescott prefers to keep his relationship away from the limelight and hardly posts anything on social media. 

Prescott’s Past Relationships

Despite being private, Prescott has made headlines in the past for his romantic relationships.

In 2017, reports of a relationship between the NFL quarterback and fitness model Yasmine Nicole surfaced after posting a couple of photos of her watching her man in action.

Although she did not name Prescott in the Instagram photos she posted at Cowboys games; she wore his jersey in one of the pictures.

But in January 2018, gossip site TerezOwens reported that Prescott had been cheating on her with a server. 


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Although this news was never confirmed, their relationship fizzled out, and Nicole even addressed in a Q&A session on her Instagram stories.

When she was asked what had happened with her and Prescott, she responded that they had broken up on good terms. 

She clarified that their career took precedence and wished him the best.