Condor star Max Irons married longtime girlfriend Sophie Pera in 2019, and the actor is excited about the prospects of fatherhood.

Irons, who calls himself a “catastrophiser” for worrying too much, began dating Pera in 2013. However, the marriage has lulled the worrier inside him, and he shared he was excited about having kids. The actor also said that his wife would love it too.

And for the same reason, Irons wants to move to the countryside to build a life that he feels is more natural.

Irons Wants to Move to the Countryside

Born to stars Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack, Irons was exposed to the busy lifestyle of actors from a young age. Despite spending most of his time in Willesden, north London, where he lives, Irons says he feels more comfortable in the countryside.

As for the reason, the Condor star says it’s because of his antisocial nature, which doesn’t mesh well with London, an “awfully social place,” according to him. He also says it’s the same reason he enjoys going out on his bike, to get away from all the noise.

Irons wants to move to a quieter place to build a life that’s far away from the overstimulation of busy city life.

I think these days we’re overstimulated and overwhelmed for a variety of reasons. But it’s not how we’re really supposed to exist. I’ve just got married, I’ve been thinking about having children, and I want to build a life that feels closer to how I think we’re supposed to live, more naturally. Unless you’ve got a shitload of money, it’s a hard thing to do in London.

Irons Broke His Wrist Trying to Impress His Wife

On Condor, Irons plays Joe Turner, a CIA computer analyst on the run after being accused of gunning down colleagues. The series is action-packed, and Irons said he thoroughly enjoyed the running, jumping, driving, and shooting aspects of the show. 

The condor star doesn’t play a hero in real life, but he did it once in 2014 to impress his wife. Irons tackled a teenage shoplifter at his parents’ shop after the culprit attempted to flee. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well as the shopkeepers who thought he was an accomplice of the shoplifter beat him.


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Irons said the following to The Times regarding the incident:

I’ve never done anything heroic before. I did it once and broke my wrist.

However, this wasn’t Irons’ first attempt at performing a stunt to impress a girl as he had previously jumped off a 120 ft bridge in Italy and almost hit a cliff.