Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is usually in the spotlight for something political. However, in 2011, on a rare occasion, she opened up on her thoughts about her personal relationships.

In an interview with Piers Morgan on CNN, she revealed some of her thoughts on relationships and marriage.

Rice Shared Her Thoughts With CNN

In the interview, Morgan asked questions regarding many facets of Rice’s life. And that included questions about why she remained “the most eligible unmarried woman in Washington” at the time.

When the interviewer asked how she stayed unmarried, Rice said:

I've always said that I expected to grow up and get married like any nice Southern girl, but the fact is you don't get married in the abstract. You find someone that you'd like to be married to.

Rice further mentioned that she never met the right person to spend the rest of her life with. However, she also said that she was open to the idea if she found the right partner.

She further elaborated by saying:

I believe in the marriage of equals. My parents were, and that's how I would see it. 

Rice’s Memoir Has Something To Tell About Her Love Life

In her memoir, which largely contains information about her political life, she snuck in a little information about her dating a football player during her college years.

A snippet from her memoir explains how she felt about marriage at the time:

The simplest explanation, which is I actually never met anybody I wanted to live with and marry, doesn't seem to be sufficient for people.

She also expanded on how she did not feel like her life was incomplete without having a husband.

I don't feel unfulfilled it didn't happen. And I have always believed it is better to not have ended up in a bad marriage, which has happened to a lot of my friends who have just wanted to get married.