In one of the most influential love songs, Wicked Games, Chris Isaak mournfully sang that he doesn't want to fall in love. Given the famous American singer's relationship history, it seems that he meant it. Chris, who has made a name for himself singing songs of heartaches, unfaithful girlfriends, and broken relationships, never married

The 64-year-old singer says that the longest relationship he's ever had was with his band, Silvertone

Silvertone Is Chris' Longest Relationship

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald in November of 2017, Chris opened up about his personal life. He revealed that his number one priority has always been his work, as a result of which he couldn't focus on lengthening or solidifying his relationships. As an artist engrossed with writing and recording music and even occasionally acting, he never found time to invest in a partner or family.

Chris says his longest relationship he has been in is with Silvertone, his band. Chris churned out several of his successful albums with Silvertone ever since the band started gaining traction in the early 80s. With such a long and endearing association with his band, the singing sensation attributes much of his success to his bandmates, Kenney Dale Johnson, Rowland Salley, and Hershel Yatovitz. On his website, Chris acknowledges his musical companions for their support, saying that he was lucky to have them as a team. 

People see my picture on the album covers and think, 'Chris goes into a room and he makes an album.' But I go into a room and make it with these guys, who've been supportive and have good ideas and good energy.

Chris Isaak Has A Lovely Dog For A Companion Instead Of A Wife

Chris has admitted to having thought about settling down with a wife and having kids previously in interviews. When talking with Independent, the singer further suggested that he was still without a family because of his work ethic. However, he does not regret his choice and is okay with how he is.

If I had married my first girlfriend, maybe I'd never have lived this life. But then this is the road I chose. I never married a supermodel and divorced her, never got into cocaine and rehab, never bought a jet plane or a racehorse or boat. I'm happy with my choices. And I don't think I have had any more bad luck in my relationships than anyone else. I just whine about it more.

Chris has also compared kids to sailboats saying that they are "like sailboats: they look good on a sunny day and in the distance, but they require a lot of maintenance."

Instead of a wife and children accompanying him at concerts or supporting him in his musical journey, the Wicked Game singer has a dog named Rodney, who is as good a companion as any man or woman. In fact, on the occasion of Valentine's day last year, he shared a photo of himself with Rodney sharing a box of chocolate with the caption 'Happy Valentine's Day. The furry little dog also accompanies Isaak in shows, as can be seen in multiple Instagram posts. 

Rodney, who, upon first glance, seems like a puppy, however, is already 17-years-old. Even Chris is shocked by how well the pet dog has maintained itself. "He's 16 years old today, but he doesn't look a day over 5... Let's go get you some chicken!" writes Chris in a post dated May 1, 2019. 

Chris Has No Plans Of Retiring Anytime Soon

Chris' first studio album came out in 1985, and since then has released nine albums, twelve singles, while also bagging two Grammy nominations. With over three-and-a-half-decades worth of experience up his sleeve, Chris shows no sign of letting up. 

When asked about whether he had any plans of retiring soon by, the singer answered that he had no such plans.

“No. They’re going to have to get a shovel to make me retire.”