American sportscaster Cari Champion perplexed her followers through a tweet mentioning her work-mate as a boyfriend. Moreover, she revealed a staggering choice of dating in one of her interviews. 

The UCLA graduate is known as the host of ESPN2's sports talk show, First Take. She is one of the familiar faces of ESPN viewers, who also anchors the sport-related program, SportsNation.

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Cari Champion's net worth reaches a decent height of $2 million.

Cari Champion's Bio: Journey To ESPN

Cari was a reporter at the Orange County News Channel at the beginning phase of her career. She later joined NBC-affiliated WPTV-TV in 2002, where she worked in the same position as a reporter on the channel.

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After WPTV-TV, she moved to WGCL-TV in Atlanta, and while working as an anchor for the network, she was fired for allegedly using profanity on the air in November 2007. 

But the "Never Give Up" attitude aided her to get through difficult times. Later in 2008, she was hired back as she appealed her innocence by stating that the floor director had not sent word to her after the commercial and the microphone recorded the regrettable moment. She has worked across the country covering news related to sports, and entertainment in the media networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC.

Cari joined ESPN in 2012, where she initially anchored a talk show, First Take in the network for three years. She also hosted the daily sports talk program SportsCenter from 2015 to 2018.

In March 2018 it was announced that Cari would be the host of SportsNation. As of now, she hosts SportsNation alongside co-hosts LZ Granderson and Marcellus Wiley.

Game Time: Cari discusses the resignation of Bryan Colangelo from a Basketball team Philadelphia 76ers along with co-hosts LZ Granderson and Marcellus Wiley in June 2018. (Photo: Cari Champion's Instagram)

The 43-year-old is also a women rights advocate, which is evinced by her post related to women empowerment on Instagram.

Cari, who was born on 1st June 1975, is a passionate fan of basketball clubs Los Angeles Lakers and the UCLA Bruins.

How Cari Handled Racist and Sexist Tweet?; Controversy Bound

In November 2014 American comedian Artie Lange made a racist joke through a series of tweets about having sex with Cari. His comments were widely criticized and ESPN even made a statement regarding his tweets as reprehensible. 

Later, realizing the faults of his racist and sexist tweet, the comedian made a formal apology to Champion. Cari, on the other hand, never actually took the tweets offensively and just continued her work without even bothering about it.

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Moreover, she came to the spotlight about her opinion about the basketball player, Kevin Durant, which engrossed criticism towards her. Cari did not include Kevin in the list of top five basketball players in her show, SportsCenter stating that Doesn’t Have a Lot of Heart.

In response, another American basketball player Damian Lillard questioned where the media find people like Cari via his Twitter. Whatever the case Cari is stepping up forward for her achievement in the related field.

Cari Says A Big No When It Comes To Dating Black Men

Despite the fact that Cari possesses black ethnicity, she does not like to date black men anymore.

Talking to Mtonews about interracial dating back in December 2017, she insisted that interracial relationships were 'EASY'!. She further added that when it came to having an interracial boyfriend, the differences in culture made it easy to gel in with each other giving more time to have an understanding relationship.  

She further claimed that it is often "hard" to date Black men because they expect too much of women.

Announces Ryen Russillo As Boyfriend

Cari has been able to keep her dating status away from the media reach. Although her profession is related to the media, she has not talked much about her relationship in any media or interviews.

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However, in 2014 she baffled her followers by a tweet about a boyfriend. Replying to the tweet of her fellow work-mate Ryen Russillo in April 2015, Cari regarded him as a boyfriend. The rumor initiated after that and was supplemented by some other posts on Twitter.

Companion: Cari and Ryan together on their show. (Photo: Cari's Twitter)

Cari and Ryen seem to be a close companion, but it is inappropriate to assume their serious relationship according to their Twitter post.

Is She Married In 2018?

Reflecting on her comments made about a perfect companion and relationship, what can be concluded is she is in search of a husband of a progressive nature and obviously not belonging to her race!

Not just that, having playfully labeled co-worker Ryen as a boyfriend, she has made it clear she is in no hurry to find her another partner.

The reporter and her beloved boyfriend have been keeping their lips tied about their relationship and have no plans to reveal them anytime soon.

For now, the ESPN reporter certainly seems that she does not have any ideas to get married and get settled in her personal life. It looks as if she is in deep love with her Sportscaster career and also seems least interested in having a husband this early.

As of 2018, Cari is reportedly unmarried and perhaps waiting for her perfect partner who she can call a husband.