Bretman Rock, known for his colorful personality and unapologetic authenticity, has been pretty open about his personal life. So much so that he has no qualms about sharing his current relationship status—very much single. However, not long ago, the social media influencer was in a secret relationship that he kept away from his fans' eyes. 

Being Single And His Former Relationship

The Filipino-American beauty influencer and social media personality is currently single. In jest, he tweeted about it in February 2021.

While he may be single now, a year ago, he was dating a mystery man. In February 2020, he tweeted how he shared pretty much everything about his life, from high school to personal issues with the world, but when it came to his love life, he would rather keep it private. He further requested people to respect his decision.  

In another tweet on the same day, he claimed that his boyfriend (former) did not have any social media handles. He seemed to be a little angry that people were not respecting the couple's privacy. 

And further, in April 2020, he posted another somewhat angry tweet. The tweet went on to affirm followers that they would not find his boyfriend online and asked them to not trust the "detective losers" making assumptions.

His Former Boyfriend's Identity Still Remains A Mystery

Rock would often post about his former boyfriend on his social media handles. On Valentines Day 2020, he had lovingly wished him on Twitter

He had even posted a YouTube video on his channel where his boyfriend did his makeup. However, the boyfriend's face was never in the frame, so to date, his identity remains a mystery. Although Rock took down the actual video, his tweet about the video can still be found online. 

There were multiple other tweets with his ex-boyfriend, but his face was never visible in any of them. 

Announcing His Break Up

The happiness was short-lived as Rock announced his break up on Twitter. In his first tweet, he wrote, “Girl, I got something to tell y’all…..” This was followed by a second tweet, where he made an odd request to his followers. 

The comic asked fans to lookup the fifth suggested Big Sean track on Spotify. 

We did just that, and the song in question is 'Single Again.' That was certainly a new way to announce one's break up!