In a June 2019 episode of The Howard Stern Show, Bill Maher admitted that he never understood the concept of marriage. 

Maher had a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that people were willing to be with a single person, day in and day out, for the rest of their lives. 

Is Bill Maher Married?

The interaction began with Stern quoting Maher when he said that he probably would not get married and he definitely did not want any kids. Stern then routed that emotion into a question, asking him if having a wife would hinder his career as a comedian. 

Maher acknowledged that having a wife might affect his stance and performance as a comic but also admitted that was not why he did not have to get married. 

Maher confessed that he had quite a few relationships in the past and that a few of them were really amazing.

That being said, he did not find the thought of committing himself to a single person for a long time appealing at all. However, he was still respectful of other people's decision to go that route. 

In the simplest terms, he just did not want that path for himself. 

He Loves Being by Himself

Further along in the conversation, the Politically Incorrect comedian briefly discussed how he loved to be by himself and was completely fine waking up alone.

Additionally, he was very much in the habit of managing his own time and money.

In fact, he was so satisfied with the way things were that he would outright reject a project that didn't interest him, regardless of the money the client was willing to pay. 


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Because he was so in sync with what he wanted and did not want to do, he had enough time and money to dedicate to things that he actually found worthwhile. 

He talked about how often people ask him, "How did you get enough money to buy into the Mets?"

His response was that he had no overhead expenses. He did not have to spend on wives, alimonies, children, "stupid hobbies," drugs, or jewelry, for that matter. 

Not Understanding the Concept of Marriage

During another appearance, this time on the Joe Rogan Podcast in January 2020, Maher said that he did not want to get married because he did not want the federal and state government involved in what was essentially his love life.

To which Rogan mockingly responded, 

If you don't have a signed piece of paper, what the [expletive] do you have?...How can she tell her friends that he really cares?

Maher added that the emotional relation one had with their significant other was the real deal.

Still, society had dictated that one needs to have a signed piece of paper to prove one's love, and Maher found that to be scary. 

Getting down to his conclusion, Maher pointed out that humans were malleable and susceptible to change. In his words, marriage works out fantastic for some people, but it just becomes a self-imposed barrier with time for others.