Family Reunion actor Anthony Alabi is a happily married man with a family-of-four. He believes that the support of his wife kept him going on to achieve his dreams. And, indeed, he wouldn't be anywhere he is today if his wife hadn't supported him amid the trying times.

Now, know who his wife is and find how she helped him continue acting as a career.

Anthony Alabi’s Wife Is A Certified Pilates Instructor

Anthony Alabi is married to Caroline Alabi, a certified Pilates instructor. She shares her workouts through her Instagram account and also provides detailed directions to learn them.

During the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, Caroline did the same. She posted a series of clips of her doing Pilates, captioned as “#PandemicPilates. ” Fans were thrilled and thankful for her small effort to spread the awareness of a healthy body during the testing time when everyone was at home-quarantine.

Anthony Alabi And Wife Give 'Undivided Attention' To Their Kids

Anthony and his partner are parents to two kids. They have a daughter named Ande Alabi, who is currently three years old, and a son named Axton Alabi, who is two and a half years old.

From enjoying the holiday seasons and playing around together, both Anthony and Caroline manage their time for their children. So much so, they have even decided to keep their phones away while being at home.

In an interview with LA Parent Magazine back in June 2019, Anthony said that he was trying to be 'super involved as a dad.' He then told that to balance his career and home, he and his wife, Caroline keep themselves away from phones and give the kids their 'undivided attention.'

Moreover, he shared that as a parent it was important to work as a team and keep his wife first. So, he allocated not only time for kids but also date nights for his wife.

When we’re with the kids, we’re with the kids, but then we have date nights, and that’s our time to be Caroline and Anthony instead of just Mama and Dada.

Anthony Alabi’s Wife Encouraged Him At His Lowest

In the interview with LA Parents in June 2019, Anthony candidly shared that he had faced many rejections when he decided to transition from an NFL player to an actor.

He was rejected from more than 100 roles and was heartbroken by all the failures. He was in a phase where he was about to quit acting due to self-doubt. In his own words, he said that he questioned himself whether if he needs to grow up and come out of Neverland.

But, during the testing times, his wife supported and motivated him to deal with failures.

Anthony claimed that she was ready to even live in a card box with him if he would continue with his career choice. And, with all her support, Anthony fought on. Finally, he got a lead role of Moz McKellan in the American comedy series Family Reunion in 2019, and with that, a breakthrough in Hollywood.

In a nutshell, having a supportive partner has undoubtedly played a vital role in Anthony’s successful career and family life.