Andrew Rea, the man behind the hugely popular cooking YouTube channel Binging With Babish, is engaged. He and his girlfriend, Jessica Opon, shared the news via Instagram while showing off their engagement ring.

Rea wrote “Big day yesterday!” while Opon went into more detail about the proposal. She also shared on her Instagram story that they were headed to L.A. for a little vacation.


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Their flight attendant helped them commemorate their big day by writing the trip and date on a cork of the champagne bottle they enjoyed.

Rea and Opon

Rea and Opon have been dating since February 2019. He first introduced her to his fanbase in his October 2019 video, where he recreated the $5 shake from the 1994 Quentin Tarantino cult classic, Pulp Fiction.

The video started as usual and followed his signature style of introducing a dish from pop culture, movies, or series and then moving on to recreating and improvising on it. Rea made the world’s most expensive milkshake, worth $200, in the video. 

After taking a sip, Rea commented it was not worth the price and far too opulent to enjoy on his own, so he invited Opon to enjoy it with him. It was also here that he introduced her as his girlfriend for the first time in public.

According to Opon’s Instagram page, she is a freelance video editor, shooter, and producer. 

Rea Was Previously Married

During a 2020 Wired autocomplete interview, Rea revealed he was previously married but refused to share more details.

Is Andrew Rea married? No, I’m not. I was for a little bit, and not anymore, and I’m not going to go any deeper into that. I respect all those involved. I am no longer married but I’m attached to a lovely young woman named Jess.

Rea gave more details about his marriage and divorce in a Reddit Q&A. He was married to his high school sweetheart in 2014 after 10 years of dating. In another Ask Me Anything Reddit session he did, he revealed that the pair got divorced in 2016/2017.

Binging With Babish

Rea is mostly known by his nickname Babish thanks to his popular YouTube channel. He uploads a new episode every week, exploring different cuisines, techniques, and culinary experiences.

Binging With Babish has grown into one of YouTube’s most successful cooking channels and has amassed over 9.19 million subscribers and 2+ billion views. His content varies from his basics videos, where he teaches the most rudimentary techniques and knowledge, to complicated and labor-intensive recipes.

His videos are enjoyed by millions worldwide, and multiple filmmakers are also a fan of his work. One such example is director Jon Favreau who joined Rea to make the chocolate lava cake from his 2014 movie Chef. He also collaborated on another video where Rea recreated macarons from The Mandalorian.

Rea Married  Opon On His 9 million Subscriber Special

On June 1, 2021, In an episode celebrating Rea's 9 million subscribers on his channel, he and Opon tied the knot. The two were married by comedian and Universal Life Church-ordained minister Joel McHale.

In the episode, Rea recreates 'Kettle Corn' from Community.  As the video progresses he can be seen cooking outside with Joel McHale after which Opon joins them and then, well, the rest is history. We wish the newly married couple all the success in their life.